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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

phone: 503-865-4100


1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550, Portland, OR 97201

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5014-01   Apparatus Records

Series is used to track information on individual apparatus and the history of the apparatus. Records include manufacture information, specifications, blueprints, vehicle title, annual maintenance record, etc.

Retention: Life of equipment.
Record Copy? Yes


5014-02   Apparatus Database

Series is used to track information related to apparatus. Series is a computer record of supply records. Records contain information on the apparatus, parts, and supplies.

Retention: Life of equipment or until superseded.
Record Copy? Yes


5014-03   Fleet Log Records

Series is used to track fleet and to document where it is currently assigned. Records include fleet number, Portland Fire Bureau number, year, make, type, assignment information, take home data, service information, last odometer reading, mileage, scheduled replacement date, actual replacement year, license number, VIN, cardlock card number and PIN, etc.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


5014-04   Replacement Schedule Records

Series is used to track the schedule for replacement of equipment and apparatus. Records are information about equipment that needs to be replaced and includes projected cost information.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


5014-05   Equipment Repair and Certification Records

Series is used to document the inventory, repair and certification of equipment used and maintained by the Portland Fire Bureau. Series includes equipment such as hoses, ladders, medical equipment, SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), clothing, etc. Records include inventories, deficiencies, repair information, testing records, invoices, serial numbers, etc. Inventories may include location, size, status, issue date, return information, anticipated replacement date, replacement costs, purchase information, etc.

Retention: Life of Equipment - Repair and Certifications; Until superseded – Inventories
Record Copy? Yes


5014-06   Logistics Work/Supply Request Records

Series is used to request maintenance and supplies for all Fire Bureau facilities, apparatus and equipment. Records include building or apparatus, reporting company, work requested, date, who reported it, task description, employee assigned to the task, time to do the task, parts descriptions, etc.

Retention: 2 years
Record Copy? No 
Where? Various Logistics Databases


5014-07   Facilities Database Records

Series is the computer database used to track information related to Fire Bureau facilities. Records include information about facilities, parts and supplies.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


5014-08   Station As-Builts Records

Series is used to document Fire Bureau facilities as they have been built. Records include original blueprints of station and subsequent remodels.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


5014-09   Station Project Records

Series is used to track and document major construction projects and remodels of Fire Stations. Series includes proposals, specification, plans, invoices, correspondence, reports, studies and other information gathered or created when undertaking a construction project.

Retention: 10 years after completion. Transfer records of continuing value to Station As-Builts records (5014-08). Destruction of material is subject to archival review.
Record Copy? Yes


5014-10   Hydrant Records

Series is used to inventory, inspect and record location of public and private fire hydrants. Records include location of hydrant, address of hydrant, make of hydrant, main size, flow rate, owner of hydrant, etc. Record also includes testing information, current status of hydrant and a history of the hydrant.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes