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The City of Portland, Oregon

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5019-01   Hazardous Material Response Records

Series is used to track response by the Fire Bureau to hazardous material incidents. Series is required to be filed with the State Fire Marshal. Record is the state mandated form which includes address/location, date and time of incident, weather information, who responded, responsible party information, type of incident, chemicals involved, comments, time, etc. ACCESS - Records may contain information considered confidential under ORS 192.501 to 192.505.

Retention: 30 years after incident.
Record Copy? Yes 
Where? Oregon State Fire Marshal


5019-02   Hazardous Materials Spill Release Records

Series is used to transfer the control of hazardous material incident scene back to the responsible party. It is a hold harmless agreement and states the responsibilities of the Fire Bureau and the responsible party. Record includes information such as date, time location, release statement and signature of those involved. Series is normally filed as a part of the Incident Response record but is not forwarded to the State.

Retention: 30 years
Record Copy? Yes


5019-03   Drug Lab Records

Series is used to notify property owners of drug lab activity at a specific address. Records include a copy of the State Health Form (Clandestine Drug Lab Incident Form), a copy of the certified letter to the property owner, and the certified receipt.

Retention: 30 years
Record Copy? No 
Where? State Health Division


5019-04   Hazardous Materials Response Books

Series is the guide compiled for the engine companies on how to respond to hazardous material incidents. Record is the official policy on how to respond to a hazardous materials incident. The Response Book includes a copy of the emergency response guidebook, policy statements, instructions, to personnel, standard forms, etc.

Retention: 30 years
Record Copy? Yes