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5901 HYDRO

5901-01   Hydroelectric Contract Documents

Series documents the design and construction phases of the Hydroelectric Project. Series is created to give history of design and construction of the Portland Hydroelectric Project. Series is the design drawings and specifications for the project. Records are copies of submittals, consultant records, contracts, agreements, plans, bid records, drawings, correspondence, and other records created during design and construction of the Project. Records may include mylar drawings, plans, photos, etc.

Retention: Life of the facility.
Record Copy? Yes


5901-02   Hydro Related Projects

Series is created to explore issues not directly related to the Portland Hydroelectric Project, but are of a similar project focus. Series is used to investigate issues related to hydroelectric development. Records include pre-licensing applications and permits, correspondence, studies, regulatory material and other documents and information developed and created during the initial investigation of a new project. Examples of projects include Mt. Tabor Hydro Project, Ground Water Pump Station Project, etc.

Retention: Permanent - Policy material, reports, studies, and historical program data; Retain as needed - all other information.
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5901-03   Dam Reference and Monitoring Records

Series is created to track status of the dams and to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements. Series is created to ensure that dams are safe. Record includes surveillance data, inspection records, consultant records, survey records and other data created to monitor, review, and inspect the dams and surrounding areas.

Retention: Life of structure.
Record Copy? Yes


5901-04   Hydroelectric Regulatory Records

Series is created to document licensing and ongoing use of the Portland Hydroelectric Project. Series documents agreements and correspondence related to the regulations of city facilities. Records include applications, permits, correspondence, transcripts, etc. Series may include material related to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), Oregon Department of Water Resources, USFS (US Forest Service), Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, PUC (Public Utilities Commission) and other agencies that regulate the Portland Hydroelectric Project.

Retention: 6 years after expiration of FERC License - Permits/Licenses. (Expiration currently scheduled for 03/01/2029).
Record Copy? Yes


5901-05   Bond Records

Series documents the bond sales and repayment of the revenue bonds for the Portland Hydroelectric Project. Series is created to document selling and repayment of bonds. Records contain official statements, bond indentures, bank statements from trustees, trust requests, investment records, audits, correspondence, etc.

Retention: 6 years after payoff. (Bonds are scheduled to be retired by 10/01/2017).
Record Copy? Yes


5901-06   Power Sales Records

Series is created to document negotiations, adjustments and implementation of power sales activities with PGE (Portland General Electric). Records consists of correspondence, contracts, expenses, estimates, annual reports, billing statements, records of payments, etc.

Retention: 6 years after expiration of agreement. (Current agreement expires in 2017).
Record Copy? Yes


5901-07   Project Operations Records

Series is used to verify and monitor operations of the Portland Hydroelectric Project facilities. Record includes copies of PGE (Portland General Electric) logs and chronological files created to track operations and activities of the Portland Hydroelectric Project. Records document the specific operations and maintenance of the project.

Retention: 6 years after expiration of the Projects FERC License. (License expires 03/01/2029).
Record Copy? No 
Where? Portland General Electric (PGE).