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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Office of the City Auditor

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7205-01   Tree Inspection Records

Series is created to document tree inspections and record information about conditions found. Series is used to summarize permit actions and describes work done. Records provide a history on what has been done to a tree. Record includes intake information, tree location, information about the tree, type of permit or inspection needed, inspectors report (date, inspector, tree variety, spacing, setback, comments), work order/action, completion report, crew reports, map of property, etc.

Note: Some records contained in these files may be exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.501 through 192.502. Consult your agency's legal counsel for assistance before releasing information.

Retention: 15 years
Record Copy? Yes


7205-02   Tree Census Records

Series is created to document surveys and census of trees. Series is used to document status of trees and is used to project future needs. Records include inventory and survey notations in the City by neighborhood. Record generally includes location and type of tree.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


7205-03   Tree Planting Permits

Series is created to document permits issued to plant trees per City Code or permit requirements. Series is used to document liability of property owner planting the tree. Record is a copy of the tree planting permit. Permit includes permit number, date, planting address, property owner, owner information, applicant, applicant information, specie, number of trees, spacing, setback, overhead wires, planting area size, hold harmless agreement, date issued, date inspected and other similar information.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


7205-04   Tree Pruning And Nuisance Records

Series is created to document actions taken to remove and abate nuisances that impact the public right of way or are a danger to private property. Series is used to give notice of action to remove nuisances or to issue approval to prune trees or shrubs that effect the public right of way. Record is a copy of the notice of action or pruning permit. Record generally includes type of action, address, date, type of work to be done (or what was done), who is to do work, time frame, requirements, property owners signature, date completed, inspection information and other similar data. Examples of records include street tree permits, soft copy notices, notices to remove nuisance (hard copy notices), low limb pruning permits, etc.

Retention: 10 years
Record Copy? Yes


7205-05   Urban Forestry Commission Records

Series is created to document the activities of the Urban Forestry Commission. Series is used to record activities and actions of the commission. Records include minutes, agenda, attendance, background material and other similar records

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


7205-06   Tree Planting Requirement Records

Series is created to respond to Planning Bureau and Buildings Bureau requests that require review by the Forestry Division prior to the granting of a permit. Series is used to review plans to ensure that tree planting requirements are met. Records include correspondence, copies of plans, inspection reports, notes, required trees, memos, reports and other similar records. Series may also include tree planting requirements for the Parks GOBI (General Obligation Bond Initiative) project.

Retention: 5 years
Record Copy? No 
Where? Part of reviewing process that granted permit


7205-07   Street Tree Planting Guideline Records

Series is created to document trees that have been approved by the Urban Forester for planting by property owners. Records include plant and tree lists and establishment lists.

Retention: Until superseded, obsolete, or no longer needed.
Record Copy? Yes


7205-08   Tree Cutting Ordinance Case Records

Series is created to document actions taken to enforce the tree cutting ordinance (168486/City Code 20.42). Records are created to regulate the cutting of trees on private property and maintain the character of the urban forest. Records include correspondence, copies of permit application, permit/plan, planning bureau documents, hearing officers’ records, photos, site plans, notice of decisions, copies of public notices, inspection reports, etc.

Retention: 2 years after last action.
Record Copy? Yes