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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

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7211-01   Facility Use Records

Series is used to document the usage/rent of facilities by community groups and the public. Series is created to document conditions of use by individuals and groups. Records include agreements, correspondence, fees, liability waiver, etc. see also Permit Records. Records differ from permit records in that not all facilities issue permits through the parks reservation system.

Retention: 3 years
Record Copy? Yes


7211-02   Facility Event Records

Series is created to document planning for major or scheduled events at park bureau facilities. Series is the working documents created by facility staff used to help prepare for a major event. Record includes dates, event, type of activity, copies of permits, contact persons, special needs, correspondence and other related material.

Retention: Retain as needed
Record Copy? No
Where? Parks Reservation System


7211-03   Facility Alarm Reports (Sonitrol Reports)

Series is used to document buildings with alarms that have been accessed during non-public hours. Series is created to show who entered buildings and to show when alarms were set or tripped. Record includes name of facility, alarm information, and other related data. Series includes reports from police and private security guards that may have investigated alarms. Current system is a Sonitrol system and First Response handles call investigation. Series includes fire alarms as well as security alarms.

Retention: 1 year
Record Copy? No 
Where? Security Company


7211-04   Facility Security Access Records

Series is used to maintain a list of names and code numbers of persons with access to Parks Bureau Facilities. Series is created as a master list of who has access to facilities. Record includes name of person, access numbers, phone numbers of employees and other related information.

Note: Some records contained in these files may be exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.501 through 192.502. Consult your agency's legal counsel for assistance before releasing information.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy?


7211-05   Swimming Pool Water Quality Testing Records

Series is created to document the water quality of public swimming pools. Series is used to record used of chemicals in the City oils. Records generally include pool, date, time of test, type of test, test results, action taken and who performed the test. Series includes daily tests, printouts from Pools Monitoring System, strip charts, and maintenance records that document backwashing, etc.

Retention: 2 years
Record Copy? Yes


7211-06   Pools Monitoring System

Series is created to document automated monitoring of swimming pools and is used to monitor swimming pool water quality. Information includes pool, date, temperature and water quality levels such as ph and orp's (oxidation reduction principal), etc.

Retention: 30 days. Incorporate into Water Quality Records (7211-05)
Record Copy? No 
Where? Water Quality Records


7211-07   Weight Room Equipment History

Series is created to track the repair and maintenance of weight room equipment. Series is used to document the repair history of equipment not maintained by the operation division. Records include inspections, repair histories, invoices, and other related records.

Retention: Life of equipment
Record Copy? Yes