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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

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7213-01   Activity Reports

Series is used to document monthly and daily activity at parks facilities. Records may include revenues, year to date totals, previous year totals, comparisons, breakdown of fees, type of activity, etc. Series include activity reports from facilities, golf courses, Portland International Raceway (PIR), tennis facilities, revenue and play reports and other related data. Includes Revenue and Expense Statements.

Retention: 10 years- finance section copy; 4 years- program copy.
Record Copy? Yes


7213-02   Golf Program Activity Reports-Working Records

Series is created to maintain a record of activity and revenue from the municipal golf courses and to record revenue collected and number of rounds played on a City Golf Course. Series is a detailed data used to compile information for the Activity Reports (7213-01). Records include cash register tapes, deposit slips, recaps, spreadsheets, day by day breakdowns, etc.

Retention: 3 years
Record Copy? Yes


7213-03   Refund Records

Series is created to document refunds due to public because of class cancellations or inability of participant to attend a class or program. Series is used to issue cash refunds and track credit to public. Records may include correspondence, memos, journal entries, copies of checks and other similar information.

Retention: 2 years
Record Copy? Yes


7213-04   Gift Certificates

Series is created to allow for credit and gifts for Parks Bureau services and programs. Series is used to document money received from one party but given to another as a gift. Records include gift certificates and may include remaining credit for court time, lessons and other supplies and services.

Retention: 1 year or until gift certificate used.
Record Copy? Yes


7213-05   Fee Development Records

Series is used to set fees and provide information about costs of service for programs. Series documents how the rates were set and is created to provide an audit tail for the fee setting process. Records include spreadsheets, presentations, calculations, costs, correspondence, projections, notes, use reports, and other working documents. Series is used to primarily to set fees for golf, billing rates for interagency agreements and set overhead costs.

Retention: 5 years. Transfer records with historical/continuing value to Policy and Historical Records (1000-01).
Record Copy? Yes


7213-06   Lease Records

Series is created to document property leases of park owned property and correspondence related to the tenancy and management of city owned property. Records include copies of leases, contracts, ordinances, correspondence, and other similar records. Examples include leases for moorages, parking lots, restaurants, tennis facilities, etc.

Retention: 5 years after expiration.
Record Copy? Yes


7213-07   Trust Fund Records

Series is created to document grants given from Park Bureau trust funds. The trust funds were established for the purpose of funding projects that benefit the Portland community. Revenues for the fund come from surcharges on events and programs. Records include copies of ordinances, notices, grant applications, grant evaluations, grant disbursements, etc. Examples of programs include but are not limited to the North Portland Trust (created from noise varianced events at the Raceway (PIR), and the Youth Trust Fund (created from surcharge on green fees).

Retention: Permanent- if funded; 3 years- if not funded.
Record Copy? Yes