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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

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9101-01   Transportation Planning Collected Reports and Studies

Series contains copies of published studies and reports generated by or for the Transportation Planning Division. Records include reports and studies prepared by division staff, regional transportation planning studies in which the city participates and reports prepared by outside consultants for the city.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9101-02   Transportation Planning Graphic Materials and Maps

Series contains materials prepared for bureau reports and presentations to the public and council. Records contain charts, tables, maps and graphics related to planning studies and projects. Series may contain printing originals for reports that are expected to be reproduced multiple times. Some items may be oversized and rolled for storage.

Retention: 10 years. Destruction of maps and graphics subject to archival review.
Record Copy? Yes


9101-03   Transportation Planning Land Use Case Records

Series contains responses from the Transportation Planning Division to quasi-judicial land use reviews. Examples of records include responses to comprehensive plan map amendments, zone changes, conditional use reviews, institutional master plans, major and minor subdivisions, street vacations, design reviews, partitions, adjustments and other types of land use reviews. Series may also include tracking, index and computer records used to log cases.

Retention: Hold 20 years for major cases; 10 years for minor cases.
Record Copy? No 
Where? Planning Bureau


9101-04   Transportation Related Intergovernmental Agreements/Activity Records

Series is used to document city participation in intergovernmental transportation planning activities. Series contains agendas, copies of minutes and other working papers relating to the cities role on various committees. Examples of committees include Joint Policy Committee on Transportation (JPACT), Technical Policy Committee on Transportation (TPACT), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Tri-Met.

Retention: 10 years
Record Copy? No 
Where? Agency of record


9101-05   Transportation Planning Project Records-Project Development Records

Series is created to document feasibility and development of project. Series is used to track engineering and design phase of capital and policy planning projects. Records include feasibility report, supporting documents, preliminary engineering records, technical analysis and supporting data, staff reports, work scope and programs, non-technical consultant reports, contracts, funding agreements, TAC (technical advisory committee) material, public participation documents (non-policy testimony correspondence and hearing documents), etc.

Retention: 20 years
Record Copy? Yes


9101-06   Transportation Planning Project Records-Core Project Record

Series is used to track history of project from conception of project to completion (or hand-off) of transportation projects. Series includes capital and planning policy records. Records include letters of agreements, environmental assessments (drafts and final), public discussion documents, plans, maps, photos, consultant reports, funded grant applications, notices to DCLD, other agencies regulatory reviews, etc.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9101-07   Transportation Planning Project Records-Staff and Working Records

Series is created to ensure that federal and state audit requirements are met. Series is also created to document work undertaken or in process. Records include both capital and planning policy projects. Records include transmittals, flyers, non-policy correspondence, drafts, proposal criteria and evaluations, non-funded grant applications, invoices, mailing lists, copies of council records (ordinances, resolutions, etc.), interagency records, newspaper clippings, alternative design work, staff working notes, etc.

Retention: 10 years
Record Copy? Yes


9101-08   Transportation Planning Miscellaneous Research Records

Records are used to document research assignments, special projects and projects that are not undertaken for various reasons. Records are used to explore issues without setting policy of identifiable projects. Examples of projects include issues undertaken at the request of the commissioner in charge, council projects, light rail station area planning studies, special projects that do not fall under correspondence, work papers and reference materials.

Retention: 10 years. Destruction of material subject to archival review.
Record Copy? Yes