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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

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6202-01   Sewer Connection Records

Series is used to document sewers connected to the city system. Record identifies areas of responsibilities for sewer lines between property owner and city. Record is the connection card that identifies address, date of connection, inspection information, and may include a map or other comments pertinent to the connection of the private sewer line to the city line. Record is a backup to those records maintained in the Bureau of Environmental Services.

Retention: Retain as needed
Record Copy? No 
Where? Bureau of Environmental Services (8800-04, 8801-20, 8801-21)


6202-02   Sewer System Location Records

Records are used to document and locate utilities. Records include microfiche of quarter-section maps that locate sewer lines, manholes, inlets, outlets, sumps, storm systems, etc. Records may include CAD drawings.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


6202-03   Sewer System Location Request Records

Series are used to document requests to the city to locate the sewer system. Records include the request which includes name of requesting party, type of request, location, and action taken to answer the request.

Retention: 1 year
Record Copy? Yes


6202-04   Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Records (Daily Reports)

Series is used to document sewer lines that have been inspected and cleaned. Records include inspection date, sewer location, size, type of pipe, condition of pipe (problems or defects), distance cleaned, repair requests, and crew information. Series

Retention: Retain one cleaning cycle.
Record Copy? Yes


6202-05   Debris Accumulation Records

Records are used to document the problem of debris accumulation in the sanitary system and is used to establish history of problem areas and maintenance problems in the sanitary system. Record is a computer database that tracks the type of problem and location. Information is used to develop a sewer cleaning maintenance program.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


6202-06   Dig Records

Series is used to document conditions found during dig operations. Series consists of a sketch of ground conditions around a sewer connection or repair. Records also include a notation of what was done, when it was done and any unusual findings.

Retention: Retain as needed
Record Copy? Yes


6202-07   Confined Space Records

Series is used to ensure that people and equipment meet federal and state requirements when entering and confined space. Records include certifications, training records and medical records for employees who are certified to enter confined spaces. Records also include certification of equipment used during confined space entries.

 Note: Some records contained in these files may be exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.501 through 192.502. Consult your agency's legal counsel for assistance before releasing information.

Retention: 10 years or life of equipment, whichever is longer.
Record Copy? Yes


6202-08   Roadside Maintenance Inventory Records

Series is used to locate routes for maintenance services. Records support roadside operations and maintenance activities for drainage, bike paths, cleaning, culverts, pedestrian facilities, shoulders, ditches, retention, detention, spraying, and mowing, etc.

Record Copy? Yes
Retention: Until superseded or 2 years whichever is longer.


6202-09   Spray Records

Records are used to document areas that are to be sprayed with herbicide by Bureau of Maintenance personnel. Record contains information on date, temperature, wind conditions, time spraying started, time spraying ended, applicator, license number, equipment information, pesticide information (product additives, formulation, solution applicate), location, how much used, are sprayed, and a map of the area.

Retention: 3 years
Record Copy? Yes