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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

phone: 503-865-4100


1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550, Portland, OR 97201

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6204-01   Pavement Management System (PMS)

Series is the inventory used to document the condition of pavement on city streets. The inventory is used to identify and prioritize work to be performed. This is a computer record of all city blocks, geometrics, type of work needed, testing information, and traffic information. Records also contain a maintenance history of the road surface.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


6204-02   Pavement Management Maps

Records are the master copies of maps used to document and create the Pavement Management System (PMS). Records are quarter section maps that document name and location of street and length of section. Records contain the codes used in the PMS.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


6204-03   Patch Requests

Series is used to document requests for pavement repairs. Record is the request and contains location information, quarter section information, job number, street names, top & base square footage, top or skin square footage, and a diagram of the patch request. The request is also dated and signed by the foreman requesting the patch request.

Retention: 3 years after repairs completed.
Record Copy? Yes


6204-04   Paving Activity Reports

Series documents activity on paving projects and are created from the Pavement Management System (PMS). Record is a log that contains location, quality of asphalt put down, thickness, and date.

Retention: Retain as needed
Record Copy? Yes


6204-05   Street Rating Records

Series is the hard copy used by the engineering section to rate the condition of pavement. Series is created to develop information for the Pavement Management System (PMS). Series documents the type of pavement and condition. Record notes the defects and the severity found by the person inspecting the pavement. Record also includes location and name of person inspecting pavement.

Retention: Until street is re-rated.
Record Copy? Yes


6204-06   Engineering Project Records

Series is used to document projects scheduled to be done or contracted out by the Maintenance Bureau. Records are used to document changes to be done on city streets and structures. Records may include engineers’ notes, cost estimates, correspondence, agreements, research material, budget information, testing material and other material submitted by contractor or consultant.

Retention: 10 years after substantial completion.
Record Copy? Yes


6204-07   Street Plans and Specification Records

Series is used to document projects contracted out to private contractors. Records are requirements and specifications of how work is to be done for city projects.

Retention: 5 years after substantial completion.
Record Copy? Yes 
Where? Auditor's Office


6204-08   Street Agreement Records

Series is used to document maintenance agreements by outside jurisdictions with the city. Series is used mainly as a reference and used to stipulate responsibilities for bridges, roads and overpasses. Series mainly documents city and state agreements, but some county agreements are included. Records include contracts, memos of understanding and other documents outlining maintenance responsibilities.

Retention: Until superseded.
Record Copy? No 
Where? Auditor' Office


6204-09   Test Compliance Records

Series is used to document compliance of materials used by the Bureau of Maintenance. Records are the test reports done to ensure that material being used meets bureau requirements. Reports vary but include reports done by private labs, the City test lab and by the Bureau of Maintenance. Tests are done on asphalt and recycling material.

Retention: 6 years
Record Copy? Yes