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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

phone: 503-865-4100


1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550, Portland, OR 97201

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 9204-01   Project Records - Project History Records

Series is used to document history of projects and jobs undertaken and managed by bureau staff. Records include correspondence regarding policy and procedures, notifications, final design information, specifications, reports, contracts and agreements, site plans, supplier information, inventories, and other information deemed important to the specific project.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9204-02   Project Records - Design Analysis Records

Records document the design and planning of traffic management projects and are created to implement projects and develop master plans. Records include maps, plans, reports, correspondence, plans, etc.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9204-03   Project Records - Working Documents

Series is used to document, track, coordinate and manage projects and jobs undertaken by bureau staff. Records include routine correspondence, notifications, preliminary designs, budgets, financial reports, sketches, copies of maps, contracts, site plans, inventories, bid information, financial information, and meeting information, etc.

Retention: 10 years after completion
Record Copy? Yes


9204-04   Project Indexes and Logs

Series is used to log and index project records. Records generally include name of project, project number, location, and type of project.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


9204-05   Inspector's Records

Records are created by inspectors during inspection of projects undertaken for the bureau. Records include logs, notes, and similar records. Information includes data on projects, who is performing work, location, inspections and actions taken on any given day.

Retention: 5 years after substantial completion
Record Copy? Yes


9204-06   Petition Records

Series is used to track petition requests and status for traffic projects. Series is also used to produce petition sheets. Records consist of mailing lists, petition sheets, ballots, tallies, surveys, etc.

Retention: 10 years-summaries of findings; substantial completion of project- ballots, petitions, etc.
Record Copy? Yes


9204-07   Project Request Lists

Series is created to document specific requests for projects and is used by the Bureau to prioritize projects. Record includes location of request, segment, criteria, ranking, scores, request date, date project undertaken, etc.

Retention: 5 years- year end report; retain until superseded- all other reports.
Record Copy? Yes


9204-08   Quarterly Project Schedules

Series is used as a management tool to track projected timelines for the scheduling of projects. Record includes timelines, tasks, duration, month, start, end, etc.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


9204-09   Citizen Survey and Questionnaire Records

Series is created to document the survey process for the traffic management program. Series includes name and address of responder, questions asked, comments, and other data from the survey. Series includes summary data from surveys.

Retention: 10 years- summaries of findings; Retain as needed- survey and questionnaire.
Record Copy? Yes


9204-10   Status Reports

Series is a management and administrative tool used to update and track the status of specific projects. Record includes date, project name, project manager, actual activities, planned activities, estimated schedule, issues, actions, comments, etc.

Retention: 2 years after substantial completion
Record Copy? Yes


9204-11   Program Records

Records are used to documents various Bureau of Traffic Management programs. Records include program budgets, work plans, goals, mission statements, reports, studies, special projects, correspondence and memos that document policies, etc.

Retention: Permanent- records documenting policies, rules and procedures; retain as needed- all other records. See also City of Portland General Schedule 1000-05.
Record Copy? Yes


9204-12   Rate Case Records

Series is the position of the city and the utility companies on rate setting issues and is used to provide background material for historical reference. Record includes correspondence, testimony, spreadsheets, rate plans, etc.

Retention: 10 years
Record Copy? Yes