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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

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9010-01   Land Use Case Records

Series is created to document BTE responses for land use cases and hearings. Records are mainly used as a reference tool. It includes copies of the request from the Planning Bureau and responses from Bureau of Transportation Engineering, Bureau of Transportation Management, Transportation Planning and Alternative Transportation, Hearings Officer's decisions or plats of subdivisions.

Retention: 7 years for all records except subdivisions; 20 years for subdivisions.
Record Copy? No 
Where? Bureau of Planning


9010-02   Transportation Project Maps

Series is used for reference and planning of transportation projects. Record consists of reference and original maps.

Retention: Retain as needed. Destruction of maps is subject to archival review.
Record Copy? Yes


9010-03   Improvement Waiver Records

Records are used to document the waiver of property owner to remonstrate improvements for streets, sidewalks and sewers. Series includes petitions, correspondence and other information on specific projects. Record may also include indexes, logs and maps that are used to track waivers.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9010-04   City-State Agreement Index

Series is used to access city-state agreements concerning transportation engineering issues. Record is a computer index utilizing Word Perfect. Information includes agreement description, city agreement number, state agreement number, date and ordinance number.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


9010-05   City-State Agreement Records

Series used as referral for maintenance on long term care of transportation facilities. Records include agreements between state and city relating to the construction of highways, and closures of certain streets in which gas tax funds are used. Records may also include Commissioner's background sheets, outside bureau sign-off sheets, and budget impact statements.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? No 
Where? City Auditor's Office & State Highway Department


9010-06   Pre-Project Records

Records are background information for projects explored but not undertaken or progressed to a full bore project. Records are used as a basic reference file. Records include maps, project information, tapes and the reason why the project failed.

Retention: Retain as needed
Record Copy? No
Where? Field Check Records (9005-04)


9010-07   Project Number Assignment Log

Record is used to open and track billing accounts for BTE projects. Log includes project number, account code, date assigned, section account information and when account is cleared.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? No 
Where? Accounting


9010-08   Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) Records

Series consists of CAD and CADD drawings used in the design and drafting stages of a project. Series includes computer files, data, coordinates, etc. that are used to produce plans, profiles, designs and other material needed to create hard copy plans of a project. Series includes records from the VANGO system.

Retention: Retain as needed. Print records of permanent value to hard copy.
Record Copy? No 
Where? As-builts in project file (9010-12)


9010-09   Project Indexes

Series is used to determine job and/or file numbers, dates, cost and improvement type of street and sewer construction jobs. It includes job numbers, dates, cost and improvement types.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes


9010-10   Permit Job Records

Records are the projects requiring permits for improvements in the public right-of-way. Records consist of the permits, permit requirements, bonds, set asides, insurance certificates, certificates of completion, payments, journal entries, special conditions and notices.

Retention: Until superseded. Incorporate records into project file.
Record Copy? Yes


9010-11   Project Records - Work Papers

Series is used to document the project during the active stages of the project. Records are generally used by staff to track work progress. Records include alternative designs, bid tabulations and proposals, budget material, construction schedules, working cost estimates, design information, working drawings, expenditure authorization, final pre-construction estimates, job assignment notices, mailing lists, meeting notices, pre-design information, progress payments, quarterly allotment reports, reference material, survey notes and transmittals.  Transfer appropriate records to 9010-12 for permanent retention.

Retention: Retain as needed or acceptance of project.
Record Copy? Yes


9010-12   Project Records - Core Project Records

Series is used to document the design and construction of the project. Records document the history of the project. Records include as-builts/plans, certificate of completion/closure, policy correspondence, covenants, final estimates, geo-technical reports, maintenance agreements, permits for right-of-way use, photographs, plans and specifications proposed, specifications and structural calculations.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9010-13   Project Records - Engineering & Maintenance Records

Series is used to document the engineering and technical areas of the project and is used by staff during the project and maintenance stages. Records include agreements for construction and finance, billing information, change orders, force orders, work orders, construction claims, contract documentation, contracts, council records (ordinances, resolutions, transmittals, etc.), daily reports, diaries and narratives, EEO information, grant records, material certifications, material testing reports, notice to proceed, payrolls for contract compliance, permit of entry, postings, pre-construction conference records, final progress payments, punch lists, regulations, shop drawings, and subcontractor information.

Retention: Hold 10 years after substantial completion
Record Copy? Yes