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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Office of the City Auditor

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9604-01   Application for Water Service/Work Orders

Series is used to document installations and disconnections to the water system. Series documents installations of services, mains and hydrants; change of service size; termination of services; and relocations of services, mains and hydrants. Record is the application that contains work order number, location, work to be performed, charges, applicant information, description of work, billing information, property owner information, and other information concerning connection or disconnect. Record may also include maps and diagrams. Examples include installations, kill services, seawall connections, temporary connections, and flow tests.

Retention: 10 years
Record Copy? Yes


9604-02   Main Extension Records

Series is used to document extensions of water mains done by petition and private contractors (subdivision mains). Mains are extended to expand service area or upgrade services. Series is also used to document fair-share calculations. Records may include final costs, copy of main application, estimates, work orders, correspondence, maps, diagrams, date completed, etc. If money is reimbursed due to fair-share payments, record will include billing/refund information. Series may include records for standby services.

Retention: 10 years after completion
Record Copy? Yes


9604-03   Job Estimate Records

Series is used to estimate costs of Applications for Water Service. Record includes work description, estimate number, date, location, organization, description of cost estimate, backflow prevention requirements, estimate request information, estimated costs and information on when estimate expires.

Retention: 2 years
Record Copy? Yes


9604-04   System Development Charge (SDC) Records

Series is used to document payment of System Development Charges (SDC) to other water districts. SDCs are paid to other districts for water delivered to City of Portland customers. The Water Bureau pays the difference between the system SDCs. Records include correspondence, payment authorizations, water schedules and applications for service.

Retention: 3 years
Record Copy? Yes


9604-05   Billing Records

Series is a reference copy of bills compiled for permits issued. Record is a copy of bills sent to applicant and includes applicant information, bill number, project number, account number, description of work, charges, amount deposited and amount due/refunded.

Retention: 4 years after final bill
Record Copy? Yes


9604-06   Special Project Records

Series is used to track changes to the water system caused by large capital projects. Series documents services that are changed, removed and added during large construction projects. Series is created to track all projects within a specific area. Records include billing information, correspondence, maps, work orders, adjustments, progress reports, estimates, and project status reports. Projects include those undertaken by both private and public entities. Examples include light rail, Oregon Convention Center, Oregon Arena Project, shopping malls, etc.

Retention: 5 years after project completion
Record Copy? Yes


9604-07   Hydrant Permits

Series is used to document permits issued for use of city hydrants. Record includes date issued, permit expiration data, type of permit (annual or one item), permit issue information, water usage, hydrant location, charges (equipment, water or rental), deposit, comments, billing information, issuing signature and signature of permittee. Annual permits may also include correspondence and inspection information.

Retention: 2 years
Record Copy? Yes


9604-08   Backflow Prevention Device Inspection Reports

Series is used to document inspection of backflow prevention devices on tank trucks and is created to ensure no contamination to water system. Records include name of company, vehicle inspected, license number and signature of water quality inspector. Reports are currently issued for 3 years.

Retention: Until expiration of report
Record Copy? Yes