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The City of Portland, Oregon

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9609-01   Water Engineering Project Records - Core Project Records

Series is used to document the design and construction of the project. Records document the history of the project. Records include agreements, animal control records, appraisals, as-builts, certificate of completion/closure, construction plans and drawings, consultant reports, contracts, policy and procedural correspondence, daily reports/diary, design documentation and calculations, environmental assessments, final estimates, final progress payment, geological information, geological report, grant reports, original maps, operation and maintenance manuals, permits, permit documentation, photographs, slides, negatives, regulations, reports, shop drawings, soil reports, specifications, survey notes, etc.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9609-02   Water Engineering Project Records - Engineering and Maintenance Records

Series is used to document the engineering and technical areas of the project and is used by staff during the project and maintenance stages. Records include accounting records, authorization notices, change orders, claims, contract documentation, grant financial records, invoices, mailing lists, material certifications, material testing reports, notice to proceed, ordinances, postings, preliminary estimates, preliminary plans, project chronology, resolutions, submittals, supplier information, testimony, video tape, etc.

Retention: 7 years after completion
Record Copy? Yes


9609-03   Water Engineering Project Records - Work Papers

Series is used to document the project during the active stages of the project. Records are generally used by staff to track work progress. Records include allotment reports, alternative designs, budget material, routine complaints, cost estimates, construction schedules, EEO/MBE information, expenditure authorizations, financial records, grant funding information, job assignment notices, maintenance records, reference and planning maps, newspaper clippings, payrolls, progress payments, progress reports, proposals, punch lists, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, pricing information, quarterly allotments, real property records, reference material, revenue projections, right of way documents, staff papers and proposals, transmittals, utility coordination records, warrants, work requests, etc.

Retention: Retain as needed or until project has been completed.
Record Copy? Yes


9609-04   Water Engineering Project Records - Project Development Records

Series is created to document project feasibility and development of the project. Series is used to track the engineering and design phase of the project. Records include maps, drawings, references to existing utilities, correspondence, reports, etc.

Retention: Permanent. Documents from projects undertaken may be incorporated into Water Engineering Project Records - Core Project Records (9609-01)
Record Copy? Yes


9609-05   General Plans, Facility Site Plans and Map Records

Series is used to document facility and general plans for the water system. Series is created to ensure that all plans have been gathered in one place and so that full size reference copies can be made if needed. Records are the original drawings and maps that document conduits, mains, water tanks, reservoirs, groundwater wells, pumps and pump stations, facilities, etc. Series may include CAD drawings and survey data.

Retention: Life of facility/fixed assets
Record Copy? Yes


9609-06   Engineering Maps - Original Records

Series is created to document the status of the water system. Series is used as a master to make future copies and add further changes to the water system. Records include original maps, annexed water district maps, intersection maps, system profiles, construction drawings, quarter section maps and other records that document the system. Series may include intersection cards, CAD records and survey data.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


9609-07   Reference and Water District Maps

Series is created for reference and research purposes. Series may also include maps created upon request to document results and analysis of the water system and maps created by outside water agencies. Records contain hard copies of maps and CAD records used to generate hard copies of maps and drawings. Examples include maps collected from the US Geological Service (USGS), quarter section maps, PMTs, base maps, street networks, supply mains, district maps, ground water location maps, boundaries, locations.

Retention: Retain as needed. Review material for content and send maps of significance to SPARC.
Record Copy? Yes


9609-08   Foreman's Reports/Work Order Records

Series is used as a reference to document work done by Water Bureau crews. Records document work done at a specific location.

Retention: Permanent- microfilm; Until microfilm verified- paper copy.
Record Copy? No 
Where? Interstate


9609-09   Service and Hydrant Sampling Station Records (24 Series)

Series is used to document the approved drawings at time of acceptance by the Water Bureau. Series is a pictorial record of meter information and is used as a reference to previous jobs. Series is drawings that show meters, services, location, date of acceptance, contact information and work order information.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes