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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

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9615-01   PM System Records (Preventative Maintenance Work Order System)

Series is created to document maintenance and work that needs to be done on equipment and machinery throughout the water system. Series is used to develop the work orders and schedules for work to be done. Record includes date, work to be done, date scheduled, comments about what was found or done, engineers’ comments, costs, work order history, etc.

Retention: Life of equipment plus 3 years
Record Copy? Yes


9615-02   Vibration Analysis Records and Reports

Series is used to track vibration readings on equipment and machinery. The vibration reading indicates the condition and the need for maintenance on the machinery. Record includes date, vibration reading, equipment information, previous readings, graphs, etc. Series includes hard copies of reports that may be printed from the computer database.

Retention: Retain last 20 readings - Database; Retain as needed - Computer Records.
Record Copy? Yes


9615-03   Schematic Drawing Records

Series is used to document the plans of electrical equipment and show how it has been installed. Series includes schematic drawings and notes. Schematic drawings may be formalized blueprints or shop drawings submitted by maintenance or installation crew. Schematic drawings should show electrical modifications.

Retention: Life of equipment or facility
Record Copy? Yes


9615-04   Chemical Reports

Series is created to track weekly usage of chemicals and for trend analysis. Records include date, type of chemical, amount used, amount on hand, feed rate, readings, residuals, etc.

Retention: Retain as needed
Record Copy? Yes


9615-05   Hazardous Water Manifests

Series is used to document the disposal of solvents and other chemical waste. Records include date, name of waste disposal company, transporter information, EPA information, type of material disposed, signatures, etc. Records include copies of manifests from city contractors and special contracts.

Retention: 30 years
Record Copy? Yes


9615-06   Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Records

Series is created to self-evaluate the effectiveness of safety programs by identifying deficiencies and assuring corrective actions. Series is used as documentation of the compliance audit, response to findings and corrections undertaken. Records include compliance audit worksheets, plans, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), evaluations, employee participation records, diagrams, hazard analysis, operating procedures, safety reviews, mechanical integrity, hot work policies and records, incident investigations, emergency planning/response and other related records. Examples of records include highly hazardous chemicals for groundwater wells and the headworks.

Retention: 30 years for all records except compliance audits, which may be destroyed after 7 years or 2 most recent audits.
Record Copy? Yes