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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the official web site of the City of Portland, Oregon

General Information: 503-823-4000


1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, OR 97204

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Step 2 - Concept Development

Before you begin to invest significant engineering and technical resources into the design of your project, the City requires that you meet with public works staff to review and refine your development concept based on your development goals, the conditions of your development site, and the required public works and infrastructure improvements to serve your development.

During this step in the permitting process, the City requires detailed information about your development site, planned land uses, topography, soils, adjacent public rights-of-way, encroachments, intended connections to City water and sewer infrastructure, and detailed calculations for preliminary stormwater and sanitary sewer designs. 

NOTE: If your project is on an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) state route within the City limits of Portland (click here for map), your project may be subject to additional review and approval through ODOT’s engineering group prior to the issuance of City’s Public Works Permit. ODOT’s review can run concurrently with City review phases.  ODOT’s review needs may add a significant time to your project schedule.  Please ask City of Portland Transportation staff if you have questions about state routes within city limits.

Concept Development Meeting and Fee - After the initial Concept Development submittal is accepted for review, a concept review fee (based upon permit type) is invoiced. Payment of the invoice must be made prior to the Concept Development meeting--scheduled approximately 2 weeks after the submittal is accepted and processed by city staff. Your project team meets with city review staff at the concept meeting to discuss the development, review redline comments, and identify next steps in the public works project and plan development.

At the successful end of concept development review phase, the City will sign-off on your Concept Development plans and provide a detailed, not-to-exceed statement of estimated permit fees for your project. The estimate will be based on actual and usual time and effort for each of the remaining steps in the permit process. Also, the City will provide an estimate for construction inspection fees and the amount for any financial guarantees required before the City public works bureaus will sign off on your development plans (building permits, final plats, etc.)

Concept Development Submittal - NOW ONLINE!  DO NOT SUBMIT PAPER COPIES

Submit initial Concept Development applications and Interim Concept Plans using the on-line form (link below). Sign up for a free account to access the online submittal form. After log-in, the form will prompt you to add applicable project information, attach required forms and plans, and must be 'complete' before allowing you to press 'Submit'.  

- Concept Development Submittal (online form)

- Interim Submittal - revisions required after Concept meeting (online form)

Once the Concept Development or Interim Concept package is submitted, an automated message will be sent confirming that the plans were submitted successfully. 

Questions, or Need Help with Online Submittals?

Hours: 8:00- 4:30 Monday through Friday

Please email for more information,

Or, call the Public Works Permitting hotline at 503-823-1987