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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the official web site of the City of Portland, Oregon

General Information: 503-823-4000


1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, OR 97204

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March 8, 2018: For International Women's Day, The New York Times tries to remedy a long-standing problem with the lack of women featured in their obituary section.

February 15, 2018: More Perfect Podcast "Sex Appeal: How a major battle in the struggle for gender equality was won with beer."

January 3, 2018: Iceland moves toward gender equality by legally enforcing equal pay for women.

November 7, 2017: An article about why sexist language matters

November 1, 2017: A study used sensors to show that men and women are treated differently at work.

August 2, 2017:  An oldie but a goodie on staying motivated in a rut...or in the face of our own fears.

July 28, 2017:  Enjoy this contagious TedTalk from wonder-woman scientist (and Portland native!) Vanessa Van Edwards.

July 7, 2017:  She Started It is a timely documentary film about young women leading tech start ups and the obstacles they face.

July 3, 2017:  A founding mother? Yes, there is a woman's name on the Declaration of Independence.

May 5, 2017:  BuzzFeed sheds light on "The Forgotten Story Of The Radium Girls, Whose Deaths Saved Thousands Of Workers' Lives."

April 12, 2017:  Fighting unconscious bias using traffic signals in Australia.

March 14, 2017:  This Women's History Month, check out the documentary She's Beautiful When She's Angry for a brief and powerful history of the women's movement in the 1960s.


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Sarah Brenner

July 30, 2017 at 3:08 PM

I learned so much from the documentary She's Beautiful When She's Angry. I love the intersectionality the filmmakers brought to the story of the Women's Movement - I found out about groups I didn't even know existed (which is a shame and testament to how WOC are portrayed in history).



June 10, 2018 at 3:07 PM

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June 10, 2018 at 3:07 PM

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