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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the official web site of the City of Portland, Oregon

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1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, OR 97204

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Affinity Group Participation - Billing Your Time, Etc.

The City of Portland supports the valuable contributions Affinity Groups create to honor a diverse employee culture. To formally recognize these groups, and provide the time necessary for success, the following hours will be allocated through the creation of 3 new time codes within SAP as defined below:

  1. Affinity Group and DEEP Executive Committee Leaders (up to 2 hours a month allowed)
  2. Affinity Group Members (up to one hour a month allowed)
  3. Affinity Group Volunteers (up to 12 hours a calendar year allowed)

Affinity Group Participation Information:

Affinity Group Participation Guidelines

Affinity Group Participation Resolution passed October 2019


First, you should bill to your own bureau or group's cost center code in the column Rec. CCtr. That is usually four letters and six numbers. For example: ATATXXXXXX (Attorney's Office), AUCAXXXXXX (Auditor's), ESENXXXXXX (Environmental Services), etc.

There are two job aids, one for Negative Time Entry employees and one for Positive Time Entry employees.

Negative Time Entry: A negative time entry employee has a work schedule assigned in SAP. These employees will be paid for time worked based on their work schedule. The only time entries needed on the timesheet will be exceptions to their schedule.

Positive Time Entry: A positive time entry employee has no specific work schedule assigned in SAP. All hours that a positive time entry employee works must be entered on their timesheet in order to be paid. Positive time entry employees use the Attendance Types 0ZCA, 0ZPR, or 0HWP to indicate regular time worked.

If an employee does not know whether they are a negative or positive time entry employee, they should ask their bureau timekeeper.

Negative Time Entry Aid Instructions

Positive Time Entry Aid Instructions


All City of Portland employees are eligible to be a member of any Affinity Group at the City of Portland. To verify if an employee is a member of a group, they should be on one of the affinity group email distribution lists in Outlook. They should be listed in their membership. The Affinity Group email distribution lists are listed as follows:

  • CAANetwork
  • City Disability Network
  • FACE
  • HAPI
  • Indigenous PDX
  • Latinx PDX
  • LGBTQ and Friends
  • Multicultural Affinity Group
  • PDX City Parents
  • Slavic Empowerment Team
  • Veterans
  • WE Network

If they are part of a Leadership team, they should be listed in the following:

  • AffinityGroupLeaders
  • CAAN Leadership
  • City Disability Network Leadership
  • DEEP Executive Committee
  • Indigenous PDX Leadership
  • Latinx PDX Leadership
  • LGBTQ Leadership Team
  • Multicultural Leadership
  • PDX City Parents Leadership
  • VET-Management Committee
  • WE Lead

To sign up to be a member of an affinity group, go here.

All Affinity Group meetings require sign in sheets if they are in person. They are then scanned and sent to DEEP for their records. If you have any questions, please contact Affinity Group leadership tracks the activities of their volunteers in a shared spreadsheet, and again, you can contact DEEP with any questions.