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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Mary Hull Caballero

Promoting open and accountable government


1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 130
Portland, OR 97204

Main (503) 823-4082

Council Clerk, Karla Moore-Love


Assistant Council Clerk, Susan Parsons


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Council Agenda

The Council Agenda is the weekly list of items to come before the City Council. The agenda is available on Friday for the following week's Council meetings.

Individual items to the agenda will be linked as they become available. These items are only a convenience copy and will not reflect any changes made during Council meetings.

Written testimony on agenda items may be sent to the Councll Clerk at

Final Council documents available in Efiles: Council Records link


City Hall  –  1221 SW Fourth Avenue

Council Agenda for July 18, 2018  (Printable Version)


WEDNESDAY, 9:30 AM, JULY 18, 2018


 738  Request of David Kif Davis to address Council regarding City sponsored political terrorism  (Communication)

 739  Request of Charles Bridgecrane-Johnson to address Council regarding #AbolishIce and drop 16-CR-20322 #BlackLivesMatter  (Communication)

 740  Request of Edith Gillis to address Council regarding a proposal for permanent public art/historical displays/interactive museum  (Communication)

 741  Request of Donelda Weiss to address Council regarding comments made by a Sargent and police officers  (Communication)

 742  Request of Sylvia Mitchell to address Council regarding homeless issues  (Communication)


 *743  TIME CERTAIN: 9:45 AM – Amend Human Resources Administrative Rule – 6.04 Sick Leave to increase calendar year maximum for dependent care from 40 hours to 104 hours of accrued leave  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler; amend HRAR – 6.04)  15 minutes requested 

 744  TIME CERTAIN: 10:00 AM – Amend Human Resources Administrative Rule – 6.03 Vacation to reflect necessary changes as recommended by the Vacation Leave Workgroup, effective the beginning of the first full pay period of January 2019  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler; amend HRAR – 6.03)  30 minutes requested

 *745  TIME CERTAIN: 10:30 AM – RESCHEDULED TO AUGUST 8, 2018 AT 9:45 AM TIME CERTAIN  Initiate foreclosure action on four properties for the collection of delinquent City liens placed against the properties  (Previous Agenda 703; Ordinance introduced by Auditor Hull Caballero) 

 *746  TIME CERTAIN: 10:35 AM – Authorize purchase of certain real property located at 5827 NE Prescott St at a price and closing costs not to exceed $558,000 to develop new affordable housing  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler)  15 minutes requested for items 746 and 747

 *747  Authorize Portland Housing Bureau to assume certain contracts that will be assigned to the Housing Bureau in connection with acquisition of real property located at 5827 NE Prescott St  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler) 




Mayor Ted Wheeler

 748  Reappoint Gustavo J. Cruz, Jr. and William Myers to the Prosper Portland Board for terms to expire June 30, 2021  (Report)

Office of Management and Finance

 *749  Pay claim of Claudiu Milea in the sum of $10,000 for bodily injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision involving Portland Police Bureau  (Ordinance) 

*750  Pay property damage claim of Kathryn Venator in the sum of $9,679 involving the Portland Water Bureau  (Ordinance) 

*751  Pay settlement of employment practices lawsuit of Kathleen Preston in the sum of $25,000 involving the Portland Parks Bureau  (Ordinance) 

 752  Extend term of franchise granted to Northwest Metal Fab & Pipe, Inc. to construct, operate and maintain a conduit system within City streets  (Ordinance; amend Ordinance No. 180044)

Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Bureau of Transportation

*753  Amend an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation in the amount of $20,700 to fund work by City staff on the Pedestrian Master Plan  (Ordinance; amend Contract No. 30006077) 

*754  Authorize a license agreement and its renewal with InfoGroup and pay an invoice in the amount of $15,000 for the purchase of mail lists  (Ordinance) 

*755  Authorize a contract with the lowest responsible bidder for the St Johns Truck Strategy, Phase II project, total project cost is $4,143,000  (Ordinance) 

*756  Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation to build bicycle and pedestrian crossing improvements at SE 130th and US26 Powell Blvd for $47,500  (Ordinance) 

 757  Authorize a contract with the lowest responsible bidder for the Highway Safety Improvement Program Bike & Pedestrian project for an estimated $1,463,940  (Ordinance) 

 758  Authorize a contract with the lowest responsible bidder for the Marine Drive Path: NE 112th Ave-185th Ave project  (Ordinance) 

 759  Authorize a contract with the lowest responsible bidder for the NE Columbia Blvd at OR 99E/MLK Jr Blvd project  (Ordinance) 

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Bureau of Development Services

*760  Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the State of Oregon on behalf of Portland State University, for the use of parking permits and access cards at the 4th Ave Garage  (Ordinance) 

Commissioner Amanda Fritz

*761  Authorize the position of Deputy Program Director under the Open and Accountable Elections Program within Special Appropriations  (Ordinance) 

Commissioner Nick Fish

Water Bureau

 762  Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement for $60,000 with Portland State University to Research Future Extreme Rainfall and Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns over the Bull Run Watershed  (Ordinance)





Morning Session

Mayor Ted Wheeler

 763  Appoint Ted Wheeler and reappoint Julie Young for terms to expire June 30, 2020 and reappoint Dan Saltzman for a term to expire December 31, 2018 to the Portland Children's Levy Allocation Committee  (Report)  15 minutes requested

Bureau of Police

*764  Accept and appropriate a grant in the amount of $30,000 and authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Division, for the 2018 Motor Carrier Safety Action Plan for commercial motor vehicle inspections by the Police Bureau Traffic sworn personnel  (Ordinance)           15 minutes requested 

Office of Management and Finance

 765  Accept proposal of Gresham Ford for Mobile Data Computers for the Portland Police Bureau for an initial term of five years not to exceed $2,000,000  (Procurement Report - RFP No. 0000658)                 15 minutes requested 

 766  Accept bid of Corpac Construction Company for the NW 20th Ave LID Project for $4,012,488  (Procurement Report - Bid No. 00000894)

*767  Amend price agreement with G4S Secure Solutions USA, Inc. to increase contract by $2,972,799 to provide for Uniformed Security Officer Services  (Ordinance; amend Contract No. 31000537)      15 minutes requested 

*768  Authorize a five-year lease agreement for office space located at 1001 SW 5th Ave to accommodate increased staffing and operations of the Bureau of Transportation estimated at an average annual cost of $612,500  (Ordinance)  10 minutes requested 

 769  Authorize limited tax revenue bonds to provide up to $18.3 million to finance tenant space buildout and furnishings in the Portland Building  (Ordinance) 

 770  Authorize a Development Agreement with Portland State University, Oregon Health Sciences University and Portland Community College for the development and creation of a new commercial multi-level condominium building, known as the Jasmine Block at 401 SW Harrison St  (Second Reading Agenda 730) 

       Development Agreement       Exhibits


WEDNESDAY, 2:00 PM, JULY 18, 2018


 *771  TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM – Rename the Office of Neighborhood Involvement to the Office of Community & Civic Life  (Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Eudaly; amend code Chapter 3.96 and other titles, as needed)  45 minutes requested for items 771 and 772 

 772  Convene a Code Change Committee to update City Code Chapter 3.96  (Resolution introduced by Commissioner Eudaly) 


Afternoon Session

Mayor Ted Wheeler

Portland Housing Bureau

*773  Amend Inclusionary Housing to make technical corrections to the fee-in-lieu payment following the implementation of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and zoning code and to clarify that the calculation is based on gross residential and residential related square footage  (Ordinance; amend Code Section 30.01.120)      10 minutes requested 

*774  Amend Joint Office of Homeless Services Intergovernmental Agreement with Multnomah County to authorize FY18-19 budget allocation to the Joint Office of Homeless Services  (Ordinance; amend Contract No. 30005335)  15 minutes requested 

*775  Authorize eleven subrecipient contracts totaling $4,190,763 for services in support of providing affordable housing  (Ordinance)                 10 minutes requested 

*776  Authorize twelve subrecipient contracts totaling $4,323,463 for services in support of providing affordable housing  (Ordinance) 

  776 is being referred back to the Mayor’s Office as it is a prior version of item 775.

Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Bureau of Transportation

*777  Authorize a solicitation for Asphalt Concrete supply contracts estimated at $15,500,000 for use on street maintenance and preservation projects  (Ordinance) 

Commissioner Nick Fish

Bureau of Environmental Services

*778  Authorize contract with GSI Water Solutions, Inc. for CERCLA and Risk Assessment Technical Assistance at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site for $500,000  (Ordinance) 

*779  Authorize contract with GSI Water Solutions, Inc. for Source Control Technical Assistance at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site for $300,000  (Ordinance) 

 780  Authorize a contract with Brown and Caldwell, Inc. for professional engineering services for the Asset Management Program for Continuous Collections System Planning Project for a total not-to-exceed amount of $1,249,498  (Second Reading Agenda 734) 

Water Bureau

 781  Authorize a competitive solicitation for utility bill presentment at an estimated cost of $7,500,000  (Second Reading Agenda 737)


THURSDAY, 2:00 PM, JULY 19, 2018







NOTE: "Time Certain" indicates that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time specified.

Communications items are three minutes each. Regular Agenda items taking longer than five minutes have the time estimate noted next to the item.

The * indicates an emergency ordinance, which takes effect immediately if passed. Non-emergency ordinances require two readings and a 30-day waiting period before taking effect. Resolutions, reports, etc., adopted by Council are effective after adjournment.

The above summary is published by the City Auditor as provided by Section 2-113 of the Charter and Ordinance No. 130672.

Council Chambers is equipped with a sound system for the hearing impaired. Assisted listening devices are available from the Clerk.

The City of Portland will gladly accommodate requests for an interpreter or make other accommodations that further inclusivity. Please make your request at least 48 hours before the meeting to the Council Clerk 503-823-4086. (TTY 503-823-6868).

City Council meetings can be viewed at

The meetings are also cablecast on CityNet 30, Portland Community Media television.

Mary Hull Caballero

Auditor of the City of Portland


Testimony is taken on Resolutions and Ordinances (first reading).  To testify, sign up on a testimony sheet as you enter Council Chambers on the day of the meeting.  Individuals have 3 minutes to testify, unless otherwise stated at the meeting. Testimony is not taken on Communications, Second Readings, Proclamations or Presentations in accordance with Code 3.02.040 F. and G.   Testimony will be taken on Reports at the Presiding Officer’s determination (Code 3.02.040 G.5).

Written testimony may be emailed or mailed to the Council Clerk prior to the meeting.

To schedule a Communication, email or mail your request to the Council Clerk. Include your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the subject you will be addressing. For full details, see Testimony Policies and procedures.

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Declaration Required by Lobbyists. Portland City Code 2.12.060 states: Prior to offering public testimony before City officials, at the beginning of any meetings or phone calls with City officials, or in emails and letters to City officials, a lobbyist must declare which lobbying entity he or she is authorized to represent for that communication.


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Disclaimer: The official agenda including items is on file with the Council Clerk at City Hall. This online copy is for general information only. In the event of a conflict between the online copy and the official hard copy documents on file with the Council Clerk, the official hard copy shall prevail.