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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

Promoting open and accountable government

H.R. Albee Recall Effort

1914 Mayor H. R. Albee
Recall Attempt Failed (15,455 Yes votes 33,687 No Votes)
Reasons for demanding recall (as printed on ballot):
  1. He has violated his oath of office and the City Charter by retaining his position as General Manager of an insurance company since his election as Mayor of Portland.  This amounts to using his official position as Mayor to increase the business of his insurance company.
  2. He is unfit for office because he is entirely lacking in efficiency and stability and during his administration his wabbling policies have been detrimental to the business and industrial life of the community.
  3. Under his administration many competent and worthy employees of the city have been discharged without just reason and contrary to the spirit of the civil service law.
  4. His management of the City business is extravagant.
Mayor H. R. Albee's justification of his course in office (as printed on ballot):
He has fulfilled his pledge to the people given before his election to devote his time, energy and talents to the best of his ability, for the general public welfare.  The city business has been so economically conducted that a large saving in operating expenses has been made, and there will be lower taxes for municipal purposes next year as a result.