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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

Promoting open and accountable government

John M. Mann Recall Effort

1932 Commissioner John M. Mann
Recall Attempt Succeeded (52,529 Yes votes 28,343 No Votes)
Reasons for demanding recall (as printed on ballot):
John M. Mann has by his official conduct disqualified himself for further service as City Commissioner.  His conduct of the Water Bureau has, through his negligence, inefficiency and corruption, resulted in the loss of millions of dollars to the people of Portland.  He has used his position of trust as a means of private profit.  He has conducted the affairs of the city in a fashion designed, not to advance the public interest, but his private purse and personal political fortunes.  His acts of malfeasance have been numerous, open and unashamed.  His further continuance in public office will serve to bring shame on the City of Portland.  Clean, honest and efficient management of civic affairs demand his immediate removal.
Commissioner John M. Mann's justification of his course in office (as printed on ballot):
The real reason for the attempt to recall me is not set forth in the vague, general, unspecific statement of the recallers.  The real reason is that I have refused to bow to the wishes, the coercion, the threats and the demands of an unscrupulous group of self-seeking malcontents and schemers, and they, therefore, wish my removal in favor of a man who will bow to their wishes.
During my years of service as City Commissioner, I have devoted my efforts to the upbuilding of departments under my control, including the Water Bureau, which furnishes pure water to every part of Portland at rates twenty per cent less than in 1913;  the Bureau of Health which has placed Portland at the head of the list of healthful cities, and other departments which have made equally enviable records.
I have fought for and voted for what I considered the best interests of the people of Portland as a whole and have refused to vote to put over schemes concocted and promoted by groups of self-seekers whose interests have been selfish and personal and not for public benefit.