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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

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1989 Street Lighting Measure

The following measure appeared on the March 28, 1989 Special Election:
QUESTION: Shall Portland continue street lighting by levying 49 cents per $1,000 assessed valuation outside tax base for three years beginning 1989-90?
PURPOSE: This measure would authorize the City to levy taxes for three years for street lighting, including park road and pathway lighting. The proceeds would be used to operate, maintain, repair, construct and renovate the street lighting system. They would also be used for the purchase or lease of new equipment, to provide a reserve fund for future replacement of street lighting facilities, and for other expenses of providing street lighting.
The tax rate would be 49 cents per thousand assessed valuation. The levy would expire in three years. The street lighting system has been paid for through serial levies since 1953. The last levy for street lighting, which was at a rate of 50 cents, has expired.
It is estimated that this tax will raise $7,097,667.00 in 1989-90,$7,097,667.00 in 1990-91, and $7,097,667.00 in 1991-92. This levy is outside the limitation provided in the Oregon State Constitution.
A Measure Referred to the Voters by the City Council Resolution No. 34507, Adopted January 25,1989
BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portland, Oregon, that an Act entitled:
'A Measure Directing a Continuing Three-Year Special Tax Levy Within the City of Portland of forty-nine cents ($.49) per thousand dollars of assessed valuation per year outside constitutional limitations for street lighting and park road and pathway lighting purposes, beginning with the fiscal year 1989-90.'
Be and the same hereby is submitted to the legal voters of the City of Portland, Oregon, for their adoption or rejection at the ensuing municipal election to be held in the City of Portland, Multnomah County, on the 28th day of March, 1989. Each voter who votes upon said proposed measure shall vote "yes" or "no" in the space indicated for such vote upon the City ballot at said election.
Section 1. Pursuant to Section 7-109 of the Portland City Charter, the Council shall levy for each of three (3) successive years commencing with the fiscal year 1989-90, at the time taxes are levied for the payment of expenses for the City, a special tax of forty-nine ($.49) per thousand dollars of the assessed valuation of all property in the City of Portland not exempt from taxation. The proceeds from such levy shall be placed in a special fund to be designated "City of Portland Street Lighting Fund." The money in said fund shall be expended" for one or more of the following purposes in connection with the lighting of the streets and public ways, including paths and roadways within City parks, in the City of Portland: the purchase or contract for electric energy for street lighting purposes; the maintenance and repair of existing and new street lighting facilities within the City; the purchase or lease, installation and operation of new or additional lighting systems; the modernization, construction and renovation, or extension of the existing lighting system, and the maintenance, repair and purchase of energy therefor; a capital reserve fund to set aside a portion of the future costs of replacing the existing street lighting system; and other expenses connected with provision of street lighting in the City of Portland. The Council may enter into contracts connected with the aforementioned purposes, but the City's obligation for payment under such contracts may not extend beyond the three (3) year period. Such special tax levy hereby is specifically authorized and it shall not be counted as within the limitation provided by Section II of Article XI of the Constitution of the State of Oregon, and said special tax hereby specifically authorized shall be in addition to all other taxes which may be levied according to law.