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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

Promoting open and accountable government

Text of Petition to Require Electoral Vote before water system changed

The Charter of the City of Portland is amended by adding to Chapter 11, Article 1, Section 11-101 which shall read:
The City may construct, reconstruct, purchase or otherwise acquire, keep, maintain, improve, alter and change water works and all plants and facilities found appropriate by the Council for furnishing water to the City, its property, its inhabitants, and the places and people along or in the vicinity of the pipes, conduits or aqueducts constructed or used for that purpose, except that a vote of the City electorate is required before the City may demolish, assign, sell or subcontract out the operation of any major water supply system component associated with the delivery or storage of water from the Bull Run Reservoir system such as, but not limited to dams, reservoirs, lakes filtration plants or primary transmission conduits. The City may acquire by purchase or otherwise, own and possess real and personal property or interests therein, within and without the limits of the City, which the Council finds necessary or convenient. The Council may establish and maintain headworks and supply sources, with all convenient reservoirs, tanks, pumps, supply systems, distribution and related facilities, including land and interests in land, and may acquire other water systems serving property within present or future boundaries of the City. The Council may make all necessary expenditures to carry out these purposes and may enter into contracts for supply of water by the City or supply of water to the City or its inhabitants. Any surplus water may be sold to persons, public or private, outside the City, on terms and conditions the Council finds appropriate.