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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

Promoting open and accountable government

Ballot Title for Petition to require Electoral vote for certain water system changes

Ballot title prepared by City Attorney:
CAPTION:  Amends Charter: Requires vote for certain water supply system changes
QUESTION: Shall voter approval be required before City may demolish, assign, sell or subcontract operations of major water supply system components?
SUMMARY:  The City Council currently has authority under the City Charter to make decisions about the City’s water supply, storage and distribution system. This proposed measure would amend the Charter to create an exception to the City Council’s authority. The measure would require a vote of City electorate before the City could demolish, assign, sell or subcontract out the operation of any major water supply system component associated with the delivery or storage of water from the Bull Run Reservoir system. Components subject to this voter approval requirement would include but not be limited to dams, reservoirs, lakes, filtration plants and primary transmission conduits.