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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Mary Hull Caballero

Promoting open and accountable government

Amended Ballot Title for 2006 Petition No. 2

Amended Ballot Title Prepared by City Attorney:
Amends Charter: makes position of City Attorney an elective office.
Shall Charter be amended to change City Attorney to an elected position, and specify salary and duties of City Attorney?
Currently, the Charter provides that City Council appoints the City Attorney and may remove the City Attorney. The proposed Charter amendment makes the position of City Attorney an elective office commencing in 2006, with elections held every four years thereafter. The Mayor or Council could not remove the City Attorney.
The measure provides that City Attorney compensation shall be double the median private sector compensation determined by the United States Department of Labor. The Council may temporarily fill a vacancy in the office of City Attorney, pending first election opportunity arising 90 days after vacancy.
The measure provides that the City Attorney may not settle or dismiss litigation brought by or against the City unless authorized by Council. The measure describes City Attorney duties, including advising officers, boards, commissions and other agencies of the City; drafting ordinances, resolutions, contract and other legal documents as directed by Council, Mayor, Auditor or official board or commission. The proposed measure does not explicitly repeal existing provisions of Charter and code governing qualifications and duties of the City Attorney.