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Auditor Mary Hull Caballero

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Human Resources Proposed Rules for Auditor's Office

Recent changes to City Charter increased the independence of the Auditor’s Office from City bureaus. Among the changes were authorizing the City Auditor to adopt rules for the Auditor’s Office and make decisions related to Human Resources and other matters. Rules for the Auditor’s Office should be consistent with City rules.

The documents below reflect changes made by the City Auditor from existing Bureau of Human Resources rules and are visible in track changes. Within a comment document, placeholders for hyperlinks are highlighted but not active. They will be incorporated when the final rules are posted. References to non-binding guidance have been stripped out or are under development. 

The most substantive and consistent change across the rules is making the City Auditor responsible for decision-making instead of the City’s Director of Human Resources. Two Auditor's Office Human Resource (AUHR) rules have undergone more wholesale changes: AUHR 4.08(a) Social Media has been updated and incorporates existing work rules in use in the Auditor’s Office. AUHR 3.15 Civil Service Appeals substitutes an independent Hearings Officer for the City’s Civil Service Board for employee appeals of classification, disciplinary or examination appeals.

Represented employees in the Auditor’s Office remain governed by existing labor agreements, as noted in Charter Chapter 2 and AUHR 1.01.

Rules will be posted for a minimum of 15 days for public comment, ending Nov. 30, 2017. Those critical to the operation of the Auditor’s Office or employees were prioritized and posted first. As other rules are adapted and undergo legal review, they will be posted to this page for comment.

Rules will be finalized after considering public comment and no later than Dec. 11, 2017.

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