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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

Promoting open and accountable government

Lobbying Reporting Exemptions

2.12.050 Exemptions to Registration and Reporting Requirements for Lobbying Entities.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 180620 and 181204, effective September 7, 2007.) In addition to the thresholds set forth in Section 2.12.030 and 2.12.040 for the registration, reporting and financial reporting of lobbying entities, Sections 2.12.030 and 2.12.040 do not apply to the following persons:


A.  News media, or their employees or agents, that in the ordinary course of business directly or indirectly urge official action but that engage in no other activities in connection with the official action.

B.   Lobbying entities that spent fewer than 8 hours lobbying during every calendar quarter in a calendar year.

C.   Any lobbying entity that satisfies all three of the following requirements:

1.   Complies with state public record and meeting laws or with the standards referenced in Section 3.96.020 G.;

2.   Is classified as a non-profit organization, registered with the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division; and

3.   Is formally recognized by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement or through City Council resolution or ordinance.

The following committees and working groups were recognized by City Council through Resolutions 36409 and 36411.  This should not be considered an all-inclusive list of exempted groups.  If you have questions about a committee or working group, contact the City Elections Officer via email or phone at (503) 823-3546.

Airport Issues Roundtable

Bureau of Development Services Citizen's Appeal Board

Bureau of Development Services Labor Management Committee

Bureau of Emergency Communications Labor Management Committee

Bureau of Emergency Communications User Group

Bureau of Environmental Services Budget Advisory Committee

Bureau of Housing and Community Development Citizen Budget Oversight Committee

Bureau of Housing and Community Development Funders Advisory Committee

Bureau of Housing and Community Development Outreach & Engagement Workgroup

Bureau of Housing and Community Development Quality Rental Housing Workgroup

Bureau of Revenue Labor-Management Budget Advisory Committee

Bureau of Revenue Labor-Management Committee

Bureau of Technology Services Chief Technology Officer's Advisory Council

Bureau of Technology Services Integrated Regional Network Enterprise /Institutional Network User Board

Citizens Commission on Homelessness

Community Contracting Committee

Coordinating Committee to End Homelessness (CCEH) Steering Committee

Development Review Advisory Council

Economic Opportunity Initiative Contractors workgroup

Go Platinum Committee

I-5 Delta Park Work Group

Industry Council

Infill Design Advisory Group

McKinney Evaluation Committee

Measure 37 Citizens Advisory Committee

Office of Management and Finance Advisory Committee

Office of Management and Finance Labor-Management Budget Advisory Committee

Office of Neighborhood Involvement Bureau Advisory Committee

Office of Neighborhood Involvement Coalition Directors and Chairs meetings

Police African-American Community Advisory Council

Police Arab Muslim Police Advisory Council

Police Asian Law Enforcement Advisory Council

Police Bureau Budget Advisory Committee

Police Chief's Forum

Police Crisis Intervention Team Advisory Committee

Police Developmental Disability Advisory Committee

Police Latino Advisory Council

Police Performance Review Board

Police Precinct Advisory Councils/Public Safety Action Committees

Police Sexual Minorities Roundtable

Portland Fire & Rescue General Obligation (GO) Bond Oversight Committee

Portland International Raceway Noise Committee

Portland Office of Transportation Budget Advisory Committee

Portland Parks Board

Portland Parks Foundation

Portland Police Data Systems user group

Regulatory Improvement Stakeholder Advisory Team

River and Industrial Economic Advisory Group

River Plan Committee

River Plan Task Groups

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

The AIDS Housing Advisory Committee

The Regional Housing Managers Committee

The River Trust Group

Water Bureau Budget Advisory Committee

Water Bureau Labor Management Committee

Watershed Science Advisory Group