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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

Promoting open and accountable government

Changes to DOJ Settlement Agreement coming Aug. 3

City Council will consider a package of changes related to its settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice on Aug. 3, 2017, at 3 p.m.

Proposals include amending the agreement itself, amending City Code to bolster police accountability, and asking a court to decide if officers involved in fatal incidents can be interviewed by Internal Affairs without jeopardizing a criminal prosecution.

 August 3, 2017 agenda items scheduled for 3:10 p.m.

871  TIME CERTAIN: 3:10 PM – Adopt new Post Deadly Force Procedures for Police Bureau and authorize legal proceedings to determine validity  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler)  90 minutes requested for items 871 - 873

UPDATE: Passed by the Council August 9, 2017 as substituted Ordinance 188546


 872  Approving amendments to Settlement Agreement between the United States and the City of Portland in United States District Court Case No. 3:12-cv-02265-SI, and Plan for Portland Commission on Community-Engaged Policing  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler) 

UPDATE: Passed by the Council August 24, 2017 as Ordinance 188570

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 873  Amend Independent Police Review Code to revise filing process, investigation and appeal provisions of complaints of police officer misconduct  (Ordinance introduced by Auditor Hull Caballero; amend Code Sections 3.21.070, .120 and .160) 

UPDATE: Passed by the Council August 9, 2017 as Ordinance 188547