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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Simone Rede

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Mayor's proposed budget violates Charter, Auditor's independence

The budget the Mayor proposed May 7, 2019, violates City Charter and undermines the independence of the Auditor’s Office. The Auditor exercised her Charter authority last August and withdrew her consent to house the City Hearings Office after City Council declined to provide enough resources to ensure it operates effectively for the public. Mayor Wheeler put the Hearings Office back in the Auditor’s Office budget anyway. He swore an oath to uphold the City Charter. City Council must correct this violation before approving the budget on May 20. You can submit written comments to City Council on the budget here.

“City Charter requires the consent of the Auditor before Council can assign duties to the Auditor’s Office,” said City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero. “Council has no such consent, and the Mayor unlawfully put the Hearings Office back into the Auditor’s Office budget. I am calling on all Council members to remove the Hearings Office from my budget before they vote to approve the overall City budget.”


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