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Council Agenda

The Council Agenda is the weekly list of items to come before the City Council. The agenda is available after 4:00 pm each Thursday for the following week's Council meetings.

Individual items to the agenda will be linked as they become available. These items are only a convenience copy and will not reflect any changes made during Council meetings.

Final Council documents available in Efiles: Council Records link


City Hall, 1221 SW Fourth Avenue

Council Agenda for May 4, 2016  (Printable Version)


 WEDNESDAY, 9:30 AM, MAY 4, 2016


 432  Request of Dana Clark to address Council   regarding More Than A Survivor Photo Exhibit in City Hall  (Communication)

 433  Request of Officer Mike Gallagher to   address Council regarding the More Than A Survivor exhibit and issues related   to sex trafficking  (Communication)

 434  Request of David Kif Davis to address   Council regarding homeless sweeps and civil rights/human rights violations by   the City  (Communication)

 435  Request of D Pei Wu to address Council   regarding report from Portland Jobs with Justice Workers Rights Board  (Communication)


 436  TIME CERTAIN: 9:45 AM – Accept report from   Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon on A Community of Contrasts: Asian   Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the West  (Report introduced by Mayor Hales)  45 minutes requested for items 436 and 437

 437  Proclaim May 2016 to be Asian American and   Pacific Islander Heritage Month    (Proclamation introduced by Mayor Hales)


Mayor Charlie Hales

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability

*438  Accept and   appropriate a grant in the amount of $35,000 from the Bullitt Foundation to   support the Cascadia Urban Sustainability Directors Network for regional   information sharing and innovation in sustainability work  (Ordinance)

Office of Management and Finance

*439  Pay claim of   Carolyn Harter in the sum of $14,023 involving the Portland Police   Bureau  (Ordinance)

*440  Authorize an   Intergovernmental Agreement with Multnomah County for removal of reversionary   interest on a portion of Lair Hill Park Property and release of reversionary   interest at Troutdale Property    (Ordinance)

*441  Authorize a   contract for Portland Communications Center Seismic Upgrade, Roof   Replacement, Mechanical Upgrades and Envelope Repair for an estimated   $2,093,062  (Ordinance)

*442  Authorize a   contract for Smart Park and North Precinct Recoating for an estimated   $1,567,355  (Ordinance)

Commissioner Steve Novick

Bureau of Transportation

*443  Amend   Intergovernmental Agreement with TriMet for additional time to disburse   Federal Grant Funds for the Portland Streetcar Loop Project  (Ordinance; amend Contract No. 30000943)

 444  Amend Intergovernmental Agreement with   Oregon Department of Transportation for design of the Pedestrian Crossing at   4 Schools project  (Second Reading   Agenda 409; amend Contract No. 30003588)


*445  Amend   Building Regulations Code to ensure all residential demolitions covered under   the existing residential demolition delay provisions of Section 24.55.200 are   subject to the demolition delay provisions of either Title 24 or Title 33 (Ordinance   introduced by Mayor Hales and Commissioner Saltzman; amend Code Section   24.55.200)     20 minutes requested

Mayor Charlie Hales

Bureau of Planning   & Sustainability

*446  Authorize a   contract with Walker Macy LLC for Urban Planning, Design and Architecture   Services for the Design Overlay Zone Assessment not to exceed $150,000  (Ordinance; Contract No. 30005079)

Bureau of Police

*447  Apply to the U.S.   Department of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance for a grant in   the amount of $9,363 for the FY16 Bulletproof Vest Partnership Body Armor   Safety Initiative for bulletproof vests    (Ordinance)

*448  Accept a grant in   the amount of $140,000 and appropriate $33,750 for FY 2015-16 from the Oregon   Department of Justice and the Oregon High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas   program for sworn personnel overtime and program expenses for Portland   interdiction efforts  (Ordinance)  10 minutes requested

*449  Accept a grant in   the amount of $10,000 from the Oregon Department of Justice and the Oregon   High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program for program expenses for   Portland Metro Gang Task Force interdiction efforts  (Ordinance)    10 minutes requested

*450  Authorize a   competitive solicitation for treatment readiness services, transitional   housing, and follow-up retention support services to chemically-dependent,   homeless adult chronic arrestees for an annual cost of $1,716,410  (Ordinance)    10 minutes requested

Office of Management   and Finance

*451  Amend the City of   Portland Employee Benefits Program to reflect necessary plan design changes   as recommended by the Labor Management Benefits Committee and as   administratively required by Bureau of Human Resources for the City   self-insured and insured plan offerings beginning July 1, 2016  (Ordinance)      20 minutes requested

 452  Amend Utility License Law to include direct   access electric services and establish minimum penalties for certain   violations  (Second Reading Agenda 414;   amend Code Sections 7.14.040 and 7.14.110)

Commissioner Nick Fish

Bureau of Environmental Services

 453  Authorize a contract with the lowest   responsive bidder for the construction of the Cured In Place Pipe Southeast   Rehabilitation Project No. E10682 for $2,260,000  (Second Reading Agenda 416)

Water Bureau

 454  Revise ordinance to update engineer's   estimate, issue a competitive solicitation, authorize contract and provide   payment for the Road 10 Project  (Second   Reading 418; amend Ordinance No. 187133)

 455  Authorize the purchase of a capital project   management software system not to exceed $825,000  (Second Reading Agenda 419)

Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Portland Fire & Rescue

 456  Authorize the   purchase of five pieces of emergency apparatus for a total not-to-exceed   amount of $2,325,000 with General Obligation Bond funds and two pieces of   emergency apparatus for a total not-to-exceed amount of $2,329,151 with   general fund resources    (Ordinance)

Commissioner Steve Novick

Bureau of   Transportation

 457  Create a local improvement district to   construct street, sidewalk and stormwater improvements west of SW 30th Ave in   the SW Dolph Ct - Spring Garden St Local Improvement District  (Hearing; Ordinance; C-10053)  10 minutes requested

 458  Extend contract with Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC   thru December 31, 2016 to provide administrative and logistical support to   the Private for-Hire Advisory Committee not to exceed $43,000  (Ordinance; amend Contract No. 3004332)

 459  Amend Transportation System Development   Charge Capital Improvement Project list    (Second Reading Agenda 422)

 460  Vacate portions of N Portsmouth Ave, N Van   Houten Ave, N Monteith Ave, N Warren St, N Strong St and two unnamed alleys   on the University of Portland campus subject to certain conditions and   reservations (Second Reading 423; VAC-10094)

 461  Vacate portions of N Van Houten Ct, N   McKenna Ave and three unnamed alleys on the University of Portland campus   subject to certain conditions and reservations (Second Reading 424;   VAC-10094)

Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Office of Neighborhood Involvement

*462  Authorize $65,000   for grant agreement with Momentum Alliance through the Diversity and Civic   Leadership Program to support community engagement activities for communities   of color, immigrants and refugees through October 31, 2016  (Previous Agenda 397)         10 minutes requested

Portland Parks & Recreation

 463  Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement   with Portland State University to provide survey and research related   services for a term of three years, for an amount not to exceed $150,000  (Second Reading Agenda 411)

 464  Authorize a competitive solicitation and   contract with the lowest responsible bidder for construction of the Sellwood   Park Pool Bathhouse Roof Replacement and Seismic Upgrade Project for an   estimated $585,000  (Second Reading   Agenda 428)

WEDNESDAY,   2:00 PM, MAY 4, 2016

 465  TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM – Direct City bureaus   to prioritize reuse of artifacts from the Eric Ladd and other cast-iron   artifact collections in the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District  (Resolution introduced by Mayor Hales)  45 minutes requested for items 465 and 466

 466  Adopt the Skidmore/Old Town Historic   District Design Guidelines  (Ordinance)

*467  TIME CERTAIN:   2:45 PM – Amend   contract with Xerox State and Local Solutions, Inc. for the Photo Radar   System to expand services and increase the not to exceed amount by   $4,500,000, authorize a related Memorandum of Understanding between the City   and Multnomah County Circuit Court, and find ten roadways as urban high crash   corridors eligible for fixed speed cameras  (Ordinance introduced by Commissioner   Novick; amend Contract No. 31000129)    30 minutes requested

 468  TIME CERTAIN: 3:15 PM – Establish a Heavy   Vehicle Use Tax to fund Portland’s Street Repair and Traffic Safety   Program  (Ordinance introduced by   Commissioner Novick; amend Code 7.02.500)          45 minutes requested


Note:  "Time Certain" indicates that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time specified.

Communications items are three minutes each. Regular Agenda items taking longer than five minutes have the time estimate noted next to the item.

The * indicates an emergency ordinance, which takes effect immediately if passed. Non-emergency ordinances require two readings and a 30-day waiting period before taking effect. Resolutions, reports, etc., adopted by Council are effective after adjournment.

The above summary is published by the City Auditor as provided by Section 2-113 of the Charter and Ordinance No. 130672.

Council Chambers is equipped with a sound system for the hearing impaired. Assisted listening devices are available from the Clerk.

The City of Portland will gladly accommodate requests for an interpreter or make other accommodations that further inclusivity. Please make your request at least 48 hours before the meeting to the Council Clerk 503-823-4086. (TTY 503-823-6868).

City Council meetings can be viewed at

The meetings are also cablecast on CityNet 30, Portland Community Media television.

Mary Hull Caballero

Auditor of the City of Portland


Testimony is taken on all Agenda items except Communications and Second Readings. To testify, sign up on a testimony sheet as you enter Council Chambers on the day of the meeting. Individuals have 3 minutes to testify, unless otherwise stated at the meeting.

Written testimony may be emailed or mailed to the Council Clerk prior to the meeting.

To schedule a Communication, email or mail your request to the Council Clerk. Include your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the subject you will be addressing. For full details, see Testimony Policies and procedures.

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Declaration Required by Lobbyists. Portland City Code 2.12.060 states: Prior to offering public testimony before City officials, at the beginning of any meetings or phone calls with City officials, or in emails and letters to City officials, a lobbyist must declare which lobbying entity he or she is authorized to represent for that communication.


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Disclaimer: The official agenda including items is on file with the Council Clerk at City Hall. This online copy is for general information only. In the event of a conflict between the online copy and the official hard copy documents on file with the Council Clerk, the official hard copy shall prevail.