Office of the City Auditor
1221 SW 4th Ave Room 320
Portland, OR 97204

AUD 212-B (01/06)

City of Portland
Lobbying Entity Quarterly Statement

December 31 2012

1. Lobbying Entity Information

Miller Nash LLP 
(503) 224-5858 
111 SW Fifth Avenue 
Suite 3400 
Portland, OR 97204 

2. Lobbying Exemption

I affirm that for the reporting quarter, this lobbying entity has spent less than 8 hours and less than $1,000 lobbying. No reports are required.

3. Activities

List the specific subject(s) of the official action of interest to the lobbying entity; the names of City officials contacted by the lobbying entity through direct mail, email or telephone and the names of City officials with whom the lobbying entity met regarding such subject or subjects and the dates of the contact or meetings.
Date Subject Other Action of Interest Contact Type Official(s) Lobbyist(s)

4. Certificate of Limited Expenditures

You DO NOT have a current Certificate of Limited Expenditures on file indicating that you do not anticipate spending over $1,000 per calendar quarter lobbying.

5. Expenditures

List the total amount of all moneys (if the total exceeds $1,000.00) expended by the lobbying entity or any lobbyist employed by or otherwise authorized to lobby on behalf of the lobbying entity, for the purpose of lobbying City officials on behalf of the lobbying entity in the preceding calendar quarter. The types of expenses to be included are: Food, refreshments, travel, entertainment, printing, postage, telephone, advertising, direct mail, e-mail, miscellaneous items, gifts, compensation paid to lobbyists and reimbursements to lobbyists for their expenses.
Per City Code Section 2.12.040 B:
  • The following expenditures are not required to be included on this statement: personal living, travel expenses, and office overhead, including salaries and wages paid for staff providing clerical assistance and others not engaged in lobbying activities, and maintenance expenses.
  • If the amount of an expenditure required to be included in this statement is not accurately known at the time the statement is required to be filed, an estimate of the expenditure shall be submitted in the statement and designated as an estimate. The exact amount expended for which a previous estimate was made shall be submitted in a subsequent amended report.

6. City Officials Benefitted

List below the name of any City official to whom or for whose benefit, on any one occasion, the lobbying entity made an expenditure in excess of $25 in the preceding calendar quarter for the purposes of lobbying and the date, name of payee, purpose and amount of that expenditure.
Date Official Payee Purpose Amount Lobbyist(s)

7. Notice of expense provided by lobbyist

A copy of any notice provided to a City official under ORS 244.100 shall be attached to this form.

8. Declaration

By signing this document, I acknowledge and affirm under the penalties of false swearing the statements made on this form and that I understand that penalties may be imposed under City Code Chapter 2.12.
Lobbying Entity Official signature ____________________________ Date _____________