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The City of Portland, Oregon

Audit Services

Audits City bureaus and programs for efficiency, effectiveness and equity

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 310, Portland, OR 97204

What we're working on into 2021

› Sewer maintenance and repair   

› City fees, fines and collections

› Prosper Portland’s Small Business Relief Fund

› CityFleet

› Development review

› Portland Clean Energy Fund

› Emergency preparedness for people with disabilities

› Fire and Rescue’s standard of conduct and the investigation and discipline process

Illustration of a shower headSewer maintenance and repair

Curious what happens when you flush the toilet, take a shower, or do laundry? Your Portland sewer bill pays for City crews to clean and repair sewer pipes. We are currently auditing how the Portland Bureau of Transportation maintains and repairs sewer pipes and stormwater pipes. This audit is looking at the goals and potential efficiency gains for this ratepayer-funded program. The audit will likely be completed in early 2021.

Please email Minh Dan Vuong at with any input or questions.

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Illustration of dollar billsCity fees, fines and collections

In October we began auditing the City’s approach to fines, fees, and collections. We don’t yet have a focus for the audit. We would be happy to receive any feedback on this topic.

Please email feedback or questions to Martha Prinz at

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Illustration of a cash registerProsper Portland’s Small Business Relief Fund

We have started fieldwork for our audit of Prosper Portland’s Small Business Relief Fund.

The Small Business Relief Fund provides grants and loans to small businesses in response to economic hardships caused by COVID-19. The Fund’s purpose is to retain employees or sustain businesses. Prosper has committed to centering racial equity in its response to COVID-19 and prioritizes businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, Asian Pacific Islander and People of Color and/or women and employees. Prosper partnered with community development financial institutes to disburse the funds.

Our audit objectives are to:

1. Determine whether the recipient selection process was consistent, transparent, and predictable.
2. Determine whether Prosper Portland staff had processes in place to confirm that the information provided by applicants was reliable enough to select applications that most closely met program objectives.
3. Determine whether Prosper Portland had systems in place to determine whether funds were used for authorized purposes.
4. Determine whether Prosper Portland had systems in place to determine whether the program achieved outcome goals.

If you want to share your thoughts about any of these questions, please email Elizabeth Pape at

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Illustration of a carCityFleet

We are in the early stages of an audit of CityFleet services, so the scope and objectives have not yet been finalized. CityFleet is responsible for providing vehicles and specialty equipment that support core City functions. They also provide the maintenance, repair, parts and fuel for the approximately 3,800 municipally owned vehicles and specialty equipment.

Feel free to email Bob MacKay at for more information.

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Two-dimensional illustration of city structures and buildingsDevelopment review

We have begun an audit of the City’s development review services that involves Bureau of Development Services as well as other City bureaus (Environmental Services, Fire, Housing, Parks, Transportation, Water). Our audit is focused on the performance of these City’s services. For example, the timeliness, consistency, and quality of development reviews for a building permit. Our audit procedures include reviewing the ways the City evaluates these performance elements, researching how other jurisdictions or any best practices approach performance, and reviewing building permit examples to better understand pain and access points that impact performance.

Please email Tenzin Gonta at if you would like to be notified when the audit report is available and/or would like to host a presentation of the audit results to your community group.

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Two-dimensional illustration of a house and a recycling diagram.Portland Clean Energy Fund

We’re auditing the Portland Clean Energy Fund, which voters adopted in 2018. The program taxes large businesses to pay for grants to nonprofits that fund eco-friendly, social justice-oriented projects.

If you have insight on this topic and would like to help us determine our focus, please email Gordon Friedman at

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Two-dimensional illustration of peopleEmergency preparedness for people with disabilities

We are assessing the City’s emergency preparedness and response for people with disabilities. At this point we have not identified an audit objective and scope, but we may use the Covid19 pandemic to evaluate the City’s response.

If you would like to provide feedback on this audit, or you if are a person with disability living in Portland and would like to share your experience, please email Alexandra Fercak at

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Illustration of a firefighterFire and Rescue’s standard of conduct and the investigation and discipline process

We will be restarting an audit looking at how the Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau establishes and enforces norms for employee conduct, and the consistency of the complaint, investigation and discipline processes. The audit was paused at the Bureau’s request due to workforce demands related to COVID-19.

Please contact Jenny Scott via email at to provide feedback or get more information.

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