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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Residential Electrical Inspections

Residential electrical permits require three inspections: rough-in, service and final.

  • Call for rough-in inspection when:
    All of the new circuits are wired (boxes installed, wires run, grounding conductor connected or made up, nail plates installed in areas as needed, etc.). Do not cover your work with insulation, receptacles or wall switches until the inspector has approved it.

  • Call for a service inspection when:
    The service electrical mast, meter base, service panels, grounding electrode conductors, and (if possible) branch circuits have been installed.

  • Call for final inspection when:
    The electrical work has been completed. Make sure panel boxes are covered, the circuits are labeled in the right spaces on the box and all cover plates are installed. All of the equipment and appliances must be installed, grounded and energized by the time the final inspection occurs.

Contact Inspectors

Residential 1&2 Family Electrical Inspections
Phone Number: (503) 823-7388
FAX Number: (503) 823-7693
1 & 2 family inspectors phone numbers

If you have issues to discuss prior to your inspection, our inspectors are available by phone between 7:30-8:00 a.m., Monday-Friday. To find out who your inspector is, view our 1 & 2 family inspector area map.

Due to illness or vacations, your district inspector may not be available for your inspection. Please call (503) 823-7388 the morning of the inspection to find out who your inspector will be for that day.

Request Inspection

To schedule an inspection, call our 24-hour inspection request line at (503) 823-7000. Be sure to have your permit number or IVR number available for reference when you call.

Check Status of Inspection

You can view the status of your inspection anytime online by using our permit/case search tool. Be sure to have your permit number or IVR number available to use the search. This tool also allows you to see the status of complaints and permits issued after January 1, 2000.

For permits issued prior to January 1, 2000, contact Records/Resource at (503) 823-7660 for the status of a permit.


Work may not be approved for a number of reasons: the inspector may not have access to do the inspection, the work may not be complete or there may be code violations. If corrections need to be made, the inspector will note them on the inspection report. You will need to make the corrections, and your inspection status must be entered by the inspector before you will be able to call for your reinspection, using the same three digit inspection code. We encourage you to wait until 5 pm to request a reinspection.

Please note that a reinspection fee may be charged for more than one reinspection for a single issue.

Programs & Services

Minor label program
The Minor Label Program is an alternative inspection program established by the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). The program utilizes minor installation labels and random inspections instead of regular electrical and plumbing permits for certain types of minor electrical and plumbing work.

This program is adminstered in the Portland metro are through the state Building Codes Division. For more information about this program, contact the Building Codes Division at 503-378-4133, or visit them at

Code Evaluation Inspections
In certain circumstances, a code evaluation inspection may be paid for and requested. We provide structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code evaluation inspections. By authorizing a code evaluation inspection, the applicant agrees to bring up to code everything that is found to be in violation of current code, once the inspection has occurred. Please call (503) 823-7388 to determine if this is an appropriate inspection for your situation.