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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Residential Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical permits are required for work on the heating, cooling or ventilation systems in a single family home or duplex. Installing a natural gas line, vent, fuel oil tank or chimney liner for appliances or other equipment is also considered mechanical work.

"Mechanical" includes all HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning). This includes gas piping, ductwork, furnaces, heat pumps or air conditioning condensing units. All of these must be inspected prior to covering them up in the structure of a home, or putting them into service.

Contact Inspector

Residential 1&2 Family Mechanical Inspections
Phone Number: (503) 823-7388
FAX Number: (503) 823-7693
1 & 2 family inspectors phone numbers

If you have issues to discuss prior to your inspection, our inspectors are available by phone between 7:30-8:00 a.m., Monday-Friday. To find out who your inspector is, view our 1 & 2 family inspector area map.

Due to illness or vacations, your district inspector may not be available for your inspection. Please call (503) 823-7388 the morning of the inspection to find out who your inspector will be for that day.

Request Inspection

To schedule an inspection, call our 24-hour inspection request line at (503) 823-7000 before 6 a.m. on the day you need the inspection. Be sure to have your permit number or IVR number available for reference when you call. Inspection requests called in after 6 a.m. will be put on the list for the next business day.

Check Status of Inspection

You can view the status of your inspection anytime online by using our permit/case search tool. Be sure to have your permit number or IVR number available to use the search. This tool also allows you to see the status of complaints and permits issued after January 1, 2000.

For permits issued prior to January 1, 2000, contact records at (503) 823-7660 for status of the permit.


Work may not be approved for a number of reasons: the inspector may not have access to do the inspection the work may not be complete or there may be code violations. If corrections need to be made, the inspector will note them on the inspection report. Results are entered the day of the completed inspection by 5 p.m. Corrections shall be made prior to requesting reinspection. When requesting a reinspection use the same three digit inspection code.

Please note that a reinspection fee may be charged for more than one reinspection for a single issue.

Programs & Services

Code Evaluation Inspections

In unusual circumstances, a code evaluation inspection may be paid for and requested. We provide structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code evaluation inspections. By authorizing a code evaluation inspection, the applicant agrees to bring up to code everything that is found to be in violation of current code, once the inspection has occurred. Please call (503) 823-7388 to determine if this is an appropriate inspection for your situation.

Gas Express Program

The Gas Express Program is a collaboration between NW Natural and the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services (BDS). Contractors who qualify for the program can provide an improved level of service to 1- and 2-family residential customers who are converting their dwelling to natural gas. Basically, if a contractor is participating in the program, a permit for the conversion has been purchased and certain conditions are met, NW Natural can turn the gas on before the BDS inspection takes place.

The program is designed for customers who are converting furnaces and water heaters to gas in existing 1- and 2-family residential dwellings. The program does not cover gas installations in new construction, commercial and multi-family structures, room additions or remodels that require a residential building permit. Benefits include:

  • Faster gas turn-on for customers
  • Simplifies the process by eliminating BDS inspection at the time of gas turn-on
  • Fewer trips to the site for NW Natural and BDS employees

To participate in the program, contractors must attend an orientation session and sign the Gas Express Agreement. To obtain an agreement, an orientation schedule or more information about the program, please contact either NW Natural at (503) 220-2372 or BDS at (503) 823-7388.