Residential Mechanical Permits

Getting Started

Hiring a contractor
All contractors working in the state of Oregon must be licensed by Oregon’s Construction Contractors Board (CCB). The CCB requires licensed contractors to provide their license number on all of their company materials. The CCB maintains records on licensed contractors and about any claims filed against them. Contact the CCB at (503) 378-4621 or get help with a contractor query at

Project and Fees
Some of the fees for your mechanical permit are based on the scope of work you are doing. The individual fees are listed on the Mechanical permit application.

Applying For My Permit

You will be asked to describe the scope of work proposed and to provide a detailed list of all electrical work you will be doing. If you have questions, please call Residential Mechanical at (503) 823-7388.

Plan Review Process

Drawn plans are usually not necessary to get a residential mechanical permit.


Applications & Handouts