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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Where is the URM list?

For information about the URM list, please click here.

What are the structural requirements for underpinning residential structures using slender piles?

If I am advised that my project could be approved over the counter, but I need to come back with more information, do I need to see the structural plan reviewer?

The structural plan reviewer will put notes regarding your meeting in the electronic project file. That will enable another structural plan reviewer to help you on a future visit. However, if your project is especially unique, it may be beneficial to see the same structural plan reviewer when you return with updated drawings. Just ask your structural plan reviewer what will benefit your project the most. We will try to accommodate any special requests to help expedite your structural review process. That's why we are here!

What does it mean when the structural plan reviewer says we need to "take in" your project?

Typically we try to limit our over the counter review time to about 15 or 20 minutes. This allows us to see all of our structural customers with the least amount of wait time. If your project requires an in depth review, we ‘take it in' and assign it to a specific structural plan reviewer. Once your project is taken in, you can check the status of your permit online at or request the status by fax at 503.823.7000. Please be ready with your IVR number. The City's turnaround goals for reviewing projects that have been taken in are:

Structural Engineering Group
Permit Type Working Days to 1st Review Working Days to Recheck
Residential Alterations 7 3
Commercial Alterations < $200,000.00 and does not include a seismic upgrade

Commercial Alterations > $200,000.00 or includes a seismic upgrade 20 5
RS Additions 15 5
CO Additions 20 5
RS New Construction 15 5
CO New Construction 20 5
Process Managed or projects in Major Projects Group Determined in consultation with the applicant Determined in consultation with the applicant

"Working Days to 1st Review" is defined as the number of business days following intake. Day 1 would be the next business day after intake. "Working Days to Recheck" is defined as the number of business days following the date that the bureau is notified that recheck comments have been received.

Why do I need to hire an engineer just to remodel?

Some projects involve adding or changing the existing structure. You may need the services of a licensed engineer, architect, or designer to help you. The structural plan reviewer can let you know what type of design professional may be needed to assist you.