Helpful Links

Bureau of Develoment Services (BDS)

“The Bureau of Development Services promotes safety, livability and collaborative application of building and development codes.” BDS oversees private property construction and land use permits to ensure compliance with city and state building and zoning codes.

Bureau of Environmental Services (BES)

“Environmental Services provides City of Portland residents with Clean River programs, including water quality protection, wastewater collection and treatment, and sewer installation.” BDS oversees both public and private sanitary waste and storm water disposal.

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

"This new bureau builds on the outstanding history of planning in Portland, and will ensure that sustainability principles are thoroughly integrated into the core of Portland's planning, urban design and government operations." OPS will oversee city planning visions and promote sustainability practices.

Energy Trust of Oregon

"Since March 2002, Energy Trust has saved Oregon utility rate payers - residents and businesses statewide - more than $440 million."

Parks and Recreation

 "Sustaining a healthy park and recreation system makes Portland a great place to live, work & play." Parks oversees the acquisition, construction and maintenance of city parks as wells as providing recreational opportunity for Portland citizens.

Portand Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)

"The Bureau of Transportation is a community partner in shaping a livable city. We plan, build, manage, and maintain an effective and safe transportation system that provides people and businesses access and mobility. We keep Portland moving." PBOT oversees the construction, maintenance and repair of the city’s streets and sidewalks.

Portland Development Commission (PDC)

"Our Mission is to bring together resources to achieve Portland’s vision of a diverse, sustainable community with healthy neighborhoods, a vibrant central city, a strong regional economy, and quality jobs and housing for all." PDC partners with businesses, developers, housing advocates and other government agencies to provide economic stimulus to meet the city’s business and housing goals.

Portland Fire and Rescue

"The mission of Portland Fire & Rescue is to aggressively and safely protect life, property and the environment by providing excellence in emergency services, training and prevention." Fire also oversees private property new construction and maintenance to ensure compliance with state fire codes.

Water Bureau

"From forest to faucet the Water Bureau provides the best drinking water in the world." The Water Bureau oversees the construction and maintenance of public and private potable water systems.