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Original Art Mural Permits

What is an Original Art Mural?

Now is the Time by Isaka Shamsud-DinOriginal Art Murals permitted under Title 4 (Original Art Murals) and the accompanying Mural Administrative Rules are defined as a hand-produced work of visual art that is tiled or painted by hand directly upon, or affixed directly to an exterior wall of a building or structure. A mural permitted under Title 4 does not include: 

  • mechanically produced or computer generated prints or images, including but not limited to digitally printed vinyl;
  • murals containing electrical or mechanical components; or
  • changing image murals. 

Murals that do not fit within this definition and do not receive an Original Art Mural Permit are considered signs and regulated by Title 32 (Signs and Related Regulations)  

Before Applying for My Permit

Musicians Union by Joe CotterBefore starting your mural permit, you’ll need to gather information about your site and the permit process. Contact the Planning and Zoning staff at (503) 823-7526, visit the Development Services Center, or review the documents under Applications and Handouts (below) to learn more about:

  • What types of plans you will need to submit with your permit application;
  • Basic standards and requirements that apply to Original Art Murals;
  • Additional requirements based on the location of your site; and
  • Steps in the mural permit process.

Getting Started

An Original Art Mural Permit is required for murals that are installed using the standards included in Title 4 (Original Art Murals) and the Mural Administrative Rules. On-site work on the mural cannot begin until the permit is issued. 

Use the Mural Permit Application to apply for the installation of an Original Art Mural.

In addition to the application, you will need a site plan showing the location of the building with adjacent streets and a building elevation drawing of the space to be occupied with a mural.

When you have your application completed, contact Kristin Cooper (503-823-7547) or Brandon Rogers (503-823-7597) to schedule intake. Please complete the intake before you schedule the required neighborhood meeting or at least 21 days before the meeting is held. At intake you will receive a posting board for the neighborhood meeting. This sign must be posted at the site for at least 21 days before the meeting is held.

Plan Review Process

Scrap by Bruce OrrPlanning and Zoning staff reviews all Mural Permit applications. In limited cases, structural review may be required. 

Before a mural permit can be issued, the applicant must hold a neighborhood meeting on the proposed mural. Notice of the neighborhood meeting must be posted on the site at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting. 

You must send a letter to the neighborhood association and district coalition with information about the mural and the neighborhood meeting at least 21 days before the meeting. You may use the Mural Application Neighborhood Contact Letter. The contact information for the neighborhood association and district coalition may be found at the Office of Community & Civic Life. Email the letter and proof of mailing provided by the Post Office to Brandon Rogers.

After the meeting, the mural permit may be issued. Contact Kristin Cooper or Brandon Rogers to notify them that the meeting has taken place.

Inspection Process

Murals are inspected by Planning and Zoning staff on an as-needed basis. Email a photo of the mural to Kristin Cooper or Brandon Rogers when it is completed and the status of the permit will be changed to reflect final inspection. A mural permit expires if no inspection has taken place within 12 months of the permit being issued.

Applications & Handouts