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General Contractors

1) What type of work can be done under the Facility Permit Program?
The program is limited to interior tenant improvements, and maintenance and repair work.

2) Does the Facility Program eliminate the need for project, or individual Trade Permits?
No.  FPP is designed to streamline the permit process, not eliminate it.  We've found that issuing a permit is the best way to inform builders that the project construction has been authorized.

3) Does my Facility Permit cover all the trade work on my project?
No.  Each trade contractor should make application for permit by directly contacting their team inspector.

4) How do we begin with a new project?
Typically projects begin with a phone call to the Senior Building Inspector assigned to the owner's facility.  He, or she, will provide direction specific to the project scope.

5) Where are plan submittals and project applications made?
Submittals can be given to your Building Inspector or routed to the 2nd floor of the Development Services Building located at 1900 SW 4th Ave.

6) How many sets of plans are required upon application for permit?
Project submittals should include the FPP application and three sets of plans.

7) How are fees assessed on permitted projects?
Traditional permit fees are not typically assessed.  Facility Permit fees are based on an hourly rate for all program services, and are billed directly to the facility owner.

8) How do I schedule inspections?
Inspections are scheduled by calling the inspector's desk phone.  If the inspector does not answer, simply leave the inspection information and a contact phone number on his/her voice mail. Often, if you call PRIOR to 8:00 a.m., you can receive your inspection the same day.

9) How long will my permit take to issue?
Permit issuance is directly related to the complexity of the project.  On the average the time period ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks. The completeness of the submittal will also effect this time line.

10) How can I check the status of my permit application?
Inquiries regarding the status of your permit should be made directly to your inspector/ plan reviewer by phone or e-mail or contact one of our Permit Tech's.

11) How do I know if a building is registered under the Facility Permit Program, and who the inspector is?
The information is available on our web site under the heading of Customer and Building List, or you may contact the FPP Manager directly.

12) Who is responsible for calling for inspections on Facility Permit projects?
Each permittee is responsible for calling for the work on his/her own job.

13) Can I schedule a pre-application meeting, or a site job consultation meeting prior to    permit application submittal?
Absolutely, job consultations and pre-application meetings are common place and have become a means of significantly reducing plan review time on complex project submittals.

14) If a project previously issued through the Standard Permit Process is re-issued as a Facility Permit, how do I get a refund of fees?
Requests for the cancellation and refund of fees should be made to the Development Service Center Manager.

15) Can an inspection be requested without a building permit sign off card on the job?
If complete documents are not on the site, contact your inspector.  He, or she, will advise you as to whether the inspection may be made.

16) What information do I need to submit application for a Facility Permit?
Applicant Name, Contact Phone Number, Facility Name, Job Address, Job Description, Project Name, Valuation, CCB number, and Customer Project Reference Number/Billing Identification Number.

17)  What is a Project Reference Number or "Billing Identification Number?"
It is a way for the OWNER to track fees that are associated with a specific project. (All billing statements are sent to the owner.)

18) Is there a different application form used for FPP permits?
Yes.  Facility Program Application Forms and Instructions can be accessed from our main web page under Facility Program Forms and Documents.