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The City of Portland, Oregon

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From Concept to Construction

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1900 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

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Fees & Billing Questions

1) How are fees assessed on permitted projects?
Traditional permit fees are not typically assessed. Facility Permit fees are based on an hourly rate for all program services, and are billed directly to the facility owner. However, standard fees will be assessed when the valuation exceeds $600k. 

2) The bill we receive looks complicated.  How is it structured?
There are three possible parts to an FPP Invoice:

  • a. Summary Document: A single page summary of the month's activity always appears first, providing the total due for the entire month.
  • b. Detail Document: At least one detail page showing monthly activity appears after the Summary Document. Each detail line is grouped by project reference number, and includes Inspection Action Notes, field inspection surcharges if any, and the dollar amount due.
  • c. Standard Fee Document: When a project is valued at $600,000.00 or more, Standard Fees are charged once per project (in lieu of charging hourly fees for building permit activity). In this case, a Standard Fee page will follow the Detail Document. The Standard Fee page will show all building permit activity not charged for at an hourly rate, followed by Standard Fees broken down by fee type. When the project is valued at less than $600,000.00, the Standard Fee page will not appear after the Detail Document.

3) Where do we mail our payments?

  • Payments are due upon receipt. With your payment, include the "INVOICE NUMBER AND CUSTOMER NUMBER" that is shown on your bill inside the box.
  • Remit Payment to:  City of Portland, Attn: Accounting Division, 1120 SW 5th Ave, Room 1250, Portland, OR 97204

4) There appears to be a mistake on my bill.  How do I get changes made and questions answered?
Please contact Diane Parke at (503) 823-5521. Diane can assist you in answering most questions. 

5) Can we use our own Purchase Order System (P.O.)?
Yes.  We call it the Customer Project Reference Number or Billing Identification Number. Your organization's Project Manager(s) should work with your accounting department to identify the proper numbers. Our system can accommodate up to 26 alpha/numeric characters.