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The City of Portland, Oregon

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System Development Charges

System Development Charges (SDCs) are one-time fees charged to help pay for the facilities (such as street and sewer systems) required to meet growth-related needs for the city. Systems Development Charges are paid at the time that a development permit (also known as a building permit) is issued. Building owners, but not tenants, can finance the SDCs through the city. BDS has pulled together information on all the SDCs online. From there, you can also jump to more specific information on each bureau's individual website.

The Bureau of Parks and Recreation charges an SDC to add a new unit. Depending on the size/type of the new residential unit, the cost of the SDC may vary. Call Parks SDC staff at (503) 823-5105 and/or look at their info online.

For the Water Bureau, an SDC is based on the size of meter installed. If your new project will include the addition of plumbing fixtures, a larger meter size may be required and an SDC charged. Water lines required for sprinkler systems are exempt from SDC fees. Portland Water Bureau staff is available to answer your SDC questions at (503) 823-7368 or find information online from the BDS page.

The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) would charge an SDC to add or legalize a residential unit within an existing commercial building. They would generally charge the "commercial multifamily residential" rate. Call BES staff at (503) 233-7761 to find out the current rate or look at the BDS SDC online handout.

Whether the Bureau of Transportation charges an SDC will depend on the previous use of the space and the size of the dwelling unit. Call staff, to talk about the particulars of your project, at (503) 823-7002. Transportation has a lot of SDC information available online, including rate information for the various uses.

Find out more information on the SDC page.