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How do I get the permit?

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Permit Review - How do I get the permit? 

Permit Review

After the DSC staff has determined that your application has met the minimum submittal requirements, plan review for applicable codes can begin.

Applicants should anticipate their permit will be taken in for review. Depending on the complexity of the project and adequacy of the documents, staff may be able to process the permit over the counter, but this will be a staff determination based on project complexity, scale, and review time.

Simple permits can often be processed in the DSC. Review staff are available to check for code compliance while you wait. If information is missing or incorrect, you may be able to return with requested changes.

More complex projects require an in depth review that exceeds the time available at the Counter. These submittals are taken in for review. The “Intake Review” process looks like this:

Permit Review Process

(4A) Intake Submission

Intake fees are collected when the project is submitted. These fees apply to permit processing and plan review activities.

When review fees are paid, the application status of your project is changed to “Under Review” and your plans are assigned to individual reviewers from various groups.

See our brochure on Tracking your Building Permit Application for additional detail on status reports, timelines, and issuance..

(4B) Intake Review

Reviewers are assigned to your project based on the scope of work. There may be several reviewers assigned from different City Bureaus or Code Specialties. These reviewers check to see that your proposal is in compliance with specific codes and regulations.

If your project is in compliance, they will sign off on the review.  If they need additional information or have identified plan deficiencies that need correction, they will communicate this information to you in writing as a “Checksheet”.

(4C) Corrections Needed

A checksheet is sent to you when a reviewer needs additional information or a correction needs to be made to the submitted project documents.

No further action is taken by the reviewers until you provide a response to the checksheet.

Complete and timely responses to checksheets will minimize delays on the re-review of your project.

See our brochure on “How to Update Your Plans in Response to a Checksheet”.

(4D) Checksheet Responses

After you have gathered the required information to respond to the checksheet, you will bring it to the Permitting Services Counter on the second floor.  There you will update all plans and documents to respond fully to the checksheet.

Corrected plans are taken in for review.  If your corrections comply with Code, the reviewers sign off.

If the reviewers need additional information or other corrections are required, they will request this in writing with another checksheet (repeat steps 4c & 4d).

(4E) Permits Issued

The permit is placed on the pre-issuance list when all technical reviews from all assigned City Bureaus and Code Specialties have been approved.

Permits are pre-issued in chorological order.  You will be notified of the final fees due when your permit is ready to be picked up.  You can pick up your permit at the Permitting Services Counter on the second floor of the DSC.

Call (503) 823-7357 for more information.

Status Reports

Status Reports are available after your project has been assigned to reviewers.

To have a status report faxed to you, call (503) 823-7000 and select option 4.

To have a status report mailed to you, call (503)823-7357

Make sure you have your IVR number with you.

Inspections - Once I get the permit, then what?