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The City of Portland, Oregon

Development Services

From Concept to Construction

Phone: 503-823-7300


1900 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

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General Information on Development Costs

Construction Permits and Fees:

There are several types of permit andrelated fees for construction projects. Permits and fees will depend on the scope of your project and fees are based on the valuation of  your project. This includes fair market value of all labor and materials, even if you are doing the work yourself. Every project is unique, please visit the Development Services Center for more information before you get started.

Systems Development Charges (SDCs):

SDCs collected by the Bureausof Environmental Services, Parks and Recreation, Water and Transportation to offset the impact your business will add to the City's infrastructure of streets, water, storm and sanitary sewer systems and parks and recreation facilities. Fees apply to new construction, some changes of occupancy, and the addition of plumbing fixtures. Depending on how much your project will impact City infrastructure, these fees may be substantial. Brochures and staff are available to answer your questions in the Development Services Center (DSC). For an overview of SDCs, refer to Systems Development Charges (SDCs) and in the DSC.

If Your Business Requires Building Code Changes:

Appeals are available for various construction codes the Bureau of Development Services enforces. These are submitted for alternate methods and materials of construction. This process does not waive or change construction code requirements, but the appeals board will interpret the intent of the code to determine if proposed alternate construction methods and materials are equivalent to those in the code.

Land Use Review:

If your project cannot meet the development standardsof the code, it may be possible to apply for an adjustment. For example you may request an adjustment to allow reduced setback, increased building height, reduced parking or landscaping, or increased building coverage. There are specifi c criteria required to meet approval for adjustments. Public notice is required and there is a possibility that a decision may be appealed. Some reviews require a public hearing, and some sites require design and/or environmental reviews. For more information contact Planning and Zoning at 503-823-7526.