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Records Request Fees and Process Timeline

The Public Records Law allows public agencies like the City to establish reasonable fees to be reimbursed for the actual costs of making the records available. Actual costs include paper or other media and mailing expenses, as well as time spent locating, reviewing, redacting, copying, and supervising a person's inspection of original records in order to protect them. Actual costs also may include time spent by an attorney to review, redact or segregate records for possible exemptions. 

The Bureau of Development Services records request fees are outlined below. For Resource/Records requests, minimum records request fees is per address based on the record types identified in your records request. If the minimum records request fee does not cover the estimated cost of making the records available, you will be contacted with a preliminary cost estimate. A 50% deposit on the preliminary estimate is required prior to any additional work being performed to make the records available. 

Once BDS receives the necessary payment, work on your public records request will begin. Full payment of the actual costs incurred to make requested records available is required before records can be viewed or released. 

Resource / Records Counter Records Request Fee Schedule and Process
Type of Request: Fee for Service:
Plumbing Records Request
(i.e. sewer connection)
Minimum $15
Hourly rate of $47
Permit History Searches
(microfilm, permit cards, etc)
Minimum $15
Hourly rate of $47
Certificate of Occupancy Verification Minimum $15
Hourly rate of $47
Retrieval of Drawings that are in the
process of being microfilmed
Minimum $15
Hourly rate of $47
Land Use Services Division Records Requests Fee Schedule and Process
Type of Request: Fee for Service:
Land Use Review Case Requests Individual staff hourly pay rate plus 39% health and benefits charge (Fee = hourly pay rate x 1.39 x time spent)
Archive Requests $15 for the first file and $6.75 per additional file requested.
Enforcement Case Records Requests Fee Schedule and Process
Type of Request: Fee for Service:
BDS Enforcement Cases (Housing, Nuisance, Zoning, Noise, Dangerous Building, Work without Permit, Signs, etc) Individual staff hourly pay rate plus 39% healthand benefits charge (Fee = hourly pay rate x 1.39 x time spent)
Low-Income Consideration
BDS will consider reducing or waiving fees associated with Public Records Requests on a case-by-case basis. You will need to submit your current federal tax returns, statement of benefits from a social service agency, or other documentation showing current income along with your records request. We understand that the information we are requesting may contain confidential information such as your Social Security number. Feel free to redact such information before providing us a copy.


The time it takes BDS to process these request can vary depending on the size or complexity of the request, day-to-day workload and staffing availability. The bureau does not have full-time assigned staff to making records available. 

Generally, a requestor will either receive their requested records or an estimated cost for making the records available within two weeks from receipt of completed forms and payment. 

If you have questions or concerns about Public Records Request process, please contact the Public Information Officer at