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Monitoring Enforcement Cases and Violations on can provide limited information on the progress of an enforcement case. In order to check the status of a submitted complaint:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the property address of the complaint
  3. Click on a permit/case number to get details regarding a specific case
  4. Review the case based on the information below. This information is also contained under the “Understand this Report” located in the top right of the permit/case details in PortlandMaps.

Enforcement cases will be coded with the following Permit/Case Number Suffix:

CC (Code Compliance) Title 33 - Zoning enforcement

DB (Dangerous Building) Title 29 – Dangerous structures

NU (Nuisance) Title 29 – Outdoor Maintenance Requirements

HS (Housing) Title 29 - Housing Maintenance Requirements

DV (Disable Vehicle) Title 29 – Disabled vehicle enforcement

VI (Violation) Work without permit (structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical) and Title 32 – Sign enforcement. Work without permit for occupied structures can also be cited under a HS case.

NC (Noise Compliant) Title 18 - Noise.

SC (Site Complaint) – Erosion control, site work (grading, filling, clearing) and septic systems (note that this case type does not show on PortlandMaps)

Site Complaint

Unfortunately, PortlandMaps is limited in terms of what enforcement case information can be reported online. As the enforcement process is specialized and unique between various enforcement folders (CC, DB, NU, HS, DV, VI, NC, and SC) rather than focus on the limitations of the current programming, please focus on what information PortlandMaps accurately reports.

Status: This will provide an update on the status of the enforcement case based on the following statuses:


Request: A complaint has been received but the inspector has not completed an inspection to verify violations exist.

Priority 3: Inspection of this complaint has been noted as lower priority for area inspectors and the complaint will not be investigated. View service level updates and case priorities.

Cancelled: Used when the wrong case type was opened, complainant withdrew complaint, or violations are being addressed by another group or another case.

Under Inspection: An inspection has occurred but the inspector has either not verified violations exist, or they are in the process of creating a violation letter. CC and VI Only

Monitor: The property was cited in violation and corrective action has been started. The property is being monitored until compliance is reached.

Enforcement: The property has been inspected and violations have been cited. CC and VI Only

Posted: The property has been inspected and posted for violations, a mailed Notice to the owner/occupant is being drafted. DB, HS and NU Only

Notified: The property has been inspected and a Notice of Violation mailed to the owner.

Lien Assessed: The cited violations have not been corrected and fees/fines are being assessed as a tool to gain compliance. CC and VI Only


Review/Hearings: A request for an Administrative Review has been received or the inspector has initiated the Code Hearings process. HS Only


To Contractor: A City contractor may perform a partial or full abatement of the issues. NU Only

Warrant: The property is being billed monthly for violations OR a warrant is being requested for full or partial abatement. NOTE tall grass and weed generally refer to monthly fee/fine and no abatement. NU Only

Work Order: The property has not met the initial 15 day compliance timeline and a Notice of Work Order Inspection is being mailed to the owner/occupant. NU Only


Warned: A warning letter has been mailed to the owner and occupant of the property. NC Only

Citation: A citation has been issued for violating the Noise Code. NC Only

Closed: The enforcement case has been closed due to correction of the cited violation, the complaint was determined to be unfounded, or the case was referred to another group or another case.



  • PortlandMaps does not report what violations were cited at the property. You will need to phone the assigned inspector to receive this information. 
  • The assigned inspector’s name and phone number is listed once an inspection has taken place. The assigned inspector is the staff person listed for “Inspection” “Reinspection” or “Work Order Inspection.” If the case is at “Request” status you will need to contact support staff at 503-823-2633 to verify the assigned inspector.
  • Under Work/Case Description, “Complaint Received” is literally the information reported or alleged by the complainant. This information is required to be kept intact as part of public information law and retention schedules. 
  • Complaints that are registered, investigated, and are determined by City staff to be unfounded (no violation present or cited) are not reported on PortlandMaps.