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Inspection Limitations - Effective January 22, 2013

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Service Level Update for Inspection Limitations

Effective January 22, 2013 the Bureau of Development Services will begin limiting the number of inspections on building and site development permits issued on or after January, 22 2013. What does this mean for me?

Based on the valuation of the permitted work, permits issued on or after January 22, 2013 will have a limited amount of inspections allowed. Historical average numbers of inspections associated with different types of projects are allowed outright. If additional inspections are still needed to complete your project you can purchase them directly through the City IVR system, the same system used to request inspections.

This change will be applicable to the following permit types:       

  • Commercial Building Permit (CO), including phased permits   
  • Residential One and Two Family Permit (RS) (for building inspections)
  • Site Development Permits (SD) 

Number of “included/allowable” inspections:


Permit Valuation

Included/Allowable Inspections


$           0.01


$       500.00



 $       500.01


 $    2,000.00



 $    2,000.01


 $  25,000.00



 $  25,000.01


 $  50,000.00



 $  50,000.01








Inspections made as needed for the job


If your project exceeds the “Included/Allowable Inspections” you will be required to pay an inspection fee for each additional inspection. Typical re-inspection fees are $97.00 plus 12% state surcharge ($108.64 total).

Inspection Process Attempt Results that count towards Inspection Limitation site visits:

  • Approved
  • Approved with Corrections
  • Consultation Completed              
  • Partially Approved
  • Not Approved
  • Not Approved-No Access
  • Not Approved-No Permit Card
  • Not Approved-No Plans
  • Not Approved-Not Ready
  • Not Approved-See Correction Note
  • Not Approved-Stop Work Order
  • Not Approved-Subcontractor Information Missing

Inspection Process Attempt Results that do not count towards Inspection Limitation site visits:

  • Rollover/Missed
  • Not Approved – Could Not Find
  • Not Approved – Cancelled by Customer
  • Not Approved-Fees Owed 
  • Requested in Error
  • Posted in Error

Please Note: Facility Permit Program (FPP) and Field Issuance Remodel Program (FIR) permits are not included in the Inspection Limitations and bill payment for FPP and FIR is not available via the IVR system.

Please call Residential Inspection at 503-823-7388 if you have questions about these limitations.