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What is a Home Performance Review?

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A home performance review is often the first step in making your home energy efficient, which lowers your gas and Contractorelectric bills and increases your overall comfort. Home performance reviews show how much energy your home uses and guide you on what actions to take.

The home review is done by a licensed contractor and takes three to four hours for testing, inspections and creating a final report. You can observe and ask questions throughout the process.

The home performance review includes:FLIR

  • Exterior - inspect for moisture problems, holes for air leaks and check windows.
  • Interior - inspect for moisture issues, room ventilation, air leaks and insulation levels.  Hot and cold spots can be shown by a forward looking infrared camera (FLIR). 
  • Attic - inspect for insulation levels, ventilation and areas to add air sealing.
  • Crawl space and basement - inspect for moisture issues, insulation levels, ventilation, air sealing and check windows.
  • Combustion safety tests - test combustion appliances (gas range, furnace, water heater) for efficiency, carbon monoxide levels and natural gas leaks.
  • Blower door test - measures air leaking from your home and helps identify locations. 
  • Duct blaster test - measures air leaking from furnace ducts and helps identify locations. Verify this test is offered by the contractor.Blower door
  • Final report with action plan.

There is a fee for the review, which varies by contractor – typically ranging from $400 to $500. Inquire about discounts or if the review fee can be applied towards any work you choose to have done by that contractor. Currently, for electric and gas-heated homes, Energy Trust of Oregon is offering a $150 incentive for this review and they have additional cash incentives for home energy upgrades. These additional cash incentives are paid directly to the contractor and do not come out of your pocket. Energy Trust Logo

FIND a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Trade Ally Contractor to do a Home Performance Review or call 1-866-368-7878.

CHECK OUT AND USE a free Kill-a-Watt energy monitor with energy tips from your local library and see how much energy your appliances and electronics are using. Kill-a-watt

Green Building Hotline LogoTAKE a free online home energy quiz to see if your home is wasting energy and costing you money.

APPLY at or call toll-free 1-855-870-0049.  Receive a FREE Home Energy Assessment that pinpoints energy waste (see Nov-Dec 2012 Green Building Corner).

CALL the free Regional Green Building Hotline at 503-823-5431 with any green building questions.  Sponsored by Metro | City of Portland | Clackamas | Multnomah | Washington Counties.