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Comprehensive Plan Update & Central City 2035: How do they fit together?

The Comprehensive Plan Update and Central City 2035 (CC2035) planning efforts are being done in conjunction with each other, taking advantage of the synergetic relationship between the two projects.
Comprehensive Plan UpdatePortland's Comprehensive Plan is the long range plan for growth and development citywide, while the CC2035 project provides more specific direction for the Central City. An important part of the Comprehensive Plan Update is an emphasis on growth and development in centers, as part of the implementation of the Portland Plan's Healthy Connected City strategy. The Central City is the largest of these and the only center of its type in the region. CC2035 fills in the details of how the Central City will grow, develop and perform within the context of the overall growth and development of the whole city.
The last plan for the Central City dates from the 1980s, although there have been updates and additions to particular parts of the Central City over the years. Most of what was proposed in that plan has been enacted and accomplished. CC2035 started with the adoption of a Concept Plan for the entire Central City. This plan set the direction for the Central City as a "center for innovation and exchange." The goal is to support the qualities of the Central City that will make it succeed as a center for the economy, business, creativity, learning and urban living. This means having well-designed physical development and density of uses, activities and people. The purpose is that the success of the Central City will benefit the rest of the city and the entire region.
As seen in the growth scenarios developed for the Comprehensive Plan Update, the Central City is expected to grow in all four alternatives. Evaluation of the different options shows that growth in the Central City produces positive results in terms of jobs for residents citywide, access and infrastructure efficiency, and climate action. Success in the Central City takes some of the pressure off of other locations in the city less well suited for growth and development, while still serving the residents and businesses of those areas. As the Comprehensive Plan Update settles on a preferred pattern for growth citywide, CC2035 will identify the specific changes and investments in the Central City needed to support that pattern, as well as Central City success.
CC2035 is detailing this concept through a series of more fine-grained quadrant plans for Central City districts. The NE Quadrant Plan that addressed the Lloyd District, Lower Albina and the Convention Center/Rose Quarter is complete. The West Quadrant is underway, covering northwest and southwest sections from the River District to Goose Hollow and downtown to South Waterfront. The SE Quadrant, which will be starting this fall, covers the Central Eastside.
The completion of the quadrant plans will dovetail with the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan Update in 2014, and the complete CC2035 Plan and associated actions will be adopted as part of the implementation phase of the Comprehensive Plan Update in 2015.