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Bureau of Development Services restates requirements for Clean Plan Submittal

The Bureau of Development Services announced June 1, 2012, its Information Technology Advancement Project (ITAP) Digitization program was scanning all issued permits. As we continued with this program it was found the technology required to make our records and permits available digitally to the public malfunctions and/or is damaged when scanning permit plan documents that include taped/glued/stapled items.

As a result the Bureau of Development Services can no longer accept any items that are taped, stapled or glued onto the plan sets in-lieu of redlines or full sheet corrections. The Bureau has long had a “no color” policy which prohibited colored ink and photographs on drawings (with the exception of red pen or red permanent marker corrections); this policy will continue as the Bureau can not provide the resources to reproduce color documents, the digital memory resources required to scan full color plans, nor the additional staff resources required to scan (color plan sets take significantly longer to scan).  

When submitting corrections to permit plans please remember BDS cannot accept documents that contain;

  • Taped or glued items including labels, stickers or adhesive papers
  • Grayscale drawings
  • Highlighter
  • Color line representation (with the exception of limited red pen or red permanent marker corrections)
  • Photographs used to demonstrate a requirements of code
  • Paper stapled to documents in lieu of redlines or updated full sheet

If you have a document with any of these items you will be required to make photo copies of the sheet(s) in order to submit a “clean” set of plans. The Bureau still asks for hand drawn changes to plans to be marked with red pen or marker to indicate changes or updated sections to your plans.

More information can be found in our brochure “How to Update Your Plans in Response to a Checksheet”.