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What should I consider before applying for my Type A Accessory short-term rental permit - Multi-Dwelling Structure (3 units or more)

Are you the property owner or a tenant?

Property owners are required to provide written permission for the tenant to apply for the required permit. Tenants must meet all requirements that an owner who is applying for a short-term rental permit must meet (i.e. number of days you reside at the property, neighbor notification, posting the permit, obtaining a business license, etc.). Accessory Short-Term Rental permit applications must include notarized signatures by the property owner (or authorized agent), resident, and operator (if applicable). Please note than Home Owner Association approval or signatures are not required for declared condominiums. Only the listed condominium owner is required to provide owner signature authorization. Please review all applicable Home Owner Association bylaws or other codes, covenants, and restrictions that might apply to a declared condominium.

Do you reside in your residence at least 9 months of each year?

The resident of the short-term rental must occupy the dwelling unit for at least 270 days during each calendar year. There are no limitations to the number of nights the bedrooms may be used as short-term rentals. The maximum number of bedrooms rented is limited to two in all cases. A copy of an Oregon Driver’s License or Oregon Identification Card is required to confirm residency as part of the permit application. The accepted form of identification is not allowed to include a separate mailing address unless it is a P.O. Box or PMB address.

Do you have interconnected smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector in your dwelling unit?

Residents operating Accessory Short Term Rentals in multi-dwelling structures must self certify that 1) each bedroom being rented has a smoke detector that is interconnected with a smoke detector in an adjacent hallway, and 2) each bedroom is located on a floor equipped with a functioning carbon monoxide alarm if the dwelling unit has a carbon monoxide source. Please see what is the inspection process for more information.

Are there other approved Type A Accessory Short-Term Rentals in your multi-dwelling structure?

The number of dwelling units in each multi-dwelling structure or a triplex that can have an accessory short-term rental is limited to 1 unit, or 25 percent of the total number of units in the structure, whichever is greater. BDS will approve complete permit applications on a first come first serve basis until the maximum number allowed per multi-dwelling structure is reached. As the property owner must authorize all short-term rental operations within each multi-dwelling structure they are authorized to allocate the number of permit submissions for compliance with the maximum number allowed.

Do you have a Type B Home Occupation Permit?

A Type B home occupation (a home business), which allows either one nonresident employee or up to eight customers per day, is prohibited with a Type A accessory short-term rental. Type A home occupations, where no employees or customers come to the site, are allowed. Services for normal maintenance, repair and care of the residence or site such as yard maintenance or house cleaning are allowed, but there can be no nonresident employees on site associated with the short-term rental. For example, a private chef to cook for short-term rental guests in not allowed.

Will you be operating the short term rental or will you designate an operator to manage these duties?

The resident may designate an operator to manage their accessory short-term rental, however, the resident must still reside in the dwelling unit where the bedrooms are rented at least 9 months of each year.