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What will the BDS inspection include?

For 1 & 2 Dwelling structures, BDS will verify that each bedroom to be rented to overnight guests met the building code requirements for a sleeping room at the time it was created or converted, has a smoke detector that is interconnected with a smoke detector in an adjacent hallway, common area, or immediate vicinity of sleeping rooms and is located on a floor that has a functioning carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide alarms shall be located in each bedroom or within 15 feet outside of each bedroom door. 

For 1 & 2 Dwelling structures BDS will verify that the bedroom requirements are met through self-certification and random permit inspections.

Self-Certification. Prior to Issuance of a Type A Accessory Short-Term Rental Permit, the applicant must sign a self-certification, attesting compliance with the requirements of PCC 33.207.040.B.4.a-c.

Permit Inspections. Ten percent of all Type A Accessory Short-Term Rental Permit applications will be randomly selected for on-site inspections by BDS to verify compliance with the requirements of PCC 33.207.040.B.4.a-c, prior to permit issuance.  Permits randomly selected for an on-site inspection are subject to additional inspection fees.

For Multi-Dwelling structures, the property owner or their authorized agent must self-certify that the bedrooms comply with the interconnected smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector requirements.